Perfect Profits: Which Types of Businesses Have The Best Earning Potential?

When it comes to business, the bottom line is always going to be how much profit you earn. Your success as a company depends on how well you can balance all of the various elements- from sourcing raw materials, manufacturing, marketing, shipping and more to create product or services that sell for a profit. So when you’re looking to set up a company, choosing a type of business that’s known for doing well is a smart move. Of course, much depends on you and how much of a success you can make it, but some businesses do tend to earn bigger profits than others. Here are a few examples.


Construction businesses isn’t the easiest industry to get established in, and there are some significant drawbacks. However there are some incredible benefits too that simply can’t be ignored. One of the biggest downsides when it comes to getting any business off the ground is startup costs, but in a construction business you will need everything from diggers to cherry pickers, cranes, power tools and other equipment that all come with a high price tag. There are ways you can make these costs more affordable however, for example financing allows you to buy new and spread the cost. You could also look into hiring some equipment instead of buying it new, and don’t forget you can use wholesalers as well as cheaper oil in your vehicles. For machines that aren’t used on the road you can use gas oil and other fuels that are lower in duty, you can get these from companies like New Era Fuels. Any business can grow and earn a lot of money, but when it comes to construction, you have the potential to earn huge profits. Because construction projects are usually large, customers spend a lot of money per job.

Healthy Food

Any kind of businesses that deals with food automatically has a number of hurdles that need to be overcome which can mean added expense. Workers will need to get food hygiene and safety certificates, and you will need licenses which allow you to sell food to the public. You will need premises that are suitable, and equipment such as large fridges, freezers and ovens can be expensive to buy as well as run. However in recent years there has been a huge shift in people’s attitudes to health, and dietary changes. Searches for ‘vegan’ and ‘gluten free’ are at an all time high, and even your average Joe takes steps to actively live more healthily. This is something you can take advantage of as an entrepreneur, and set up a business in the healthy food sector. There tends to be a shortage of good, healthy lunchtime food options available, with most being takeaways, chip shops, burger vans and greasy spoon cafes. Perhaps something in the realm of a healthy cafe or sandwich shop is what’s missing in the local vicinity. Healthy ingredients can be sourced very cheaply from wholesalers, turn them into something delicious and you have the opportunity to earn huge profits.

Second Hand Shops

Retail in general tends to be a difficult business to get set up in. With massive retailers who have the materials and money to create inexpensive yet good quality items, it doesn’t leave too much room for the little guy. However one type of business that has huge profit margins and that people love are second hand items. You only need to look at the rise of apps like Depop for second hand clothes or boot sale apps and websites to see this. We’re becoming more environmentally conscious each year, and people are well aware of the environmental benefits of reusing items instead of buying new. Plus, it’s cheaper for them too. Whether it’s furniture, homewares, second hand clothes, books or something else entirely, you can get items for very cheap (sometimes even free) and still sell for a good profit while keeping prices low for the customer. It’s a win-win.

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