How to Create an Impressive Office

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A potential client or employee will make their mind up within a few seconds of laying eyes on your office. If you want to prove you are a professional business with a great company culture, you should find out how to create an impressive office.

Eye-Catching Wall Wraps

Give your office the wow factor by adding striking wall wraps, which will add a little color and personality into the space, and will exude professionalism and a great company culture. Pick a design that complements both your branding and office layout, so your guests will remember a visit long after a meeting or interview is over.

Branded Sweets

Clients want to work with companies that have exceptional attention to detail – and branded sweets can prove just that. It’s a fun, welcoming and professional treat for guests to enjoy when they visit, so they’re bound to be impressed by the effort you have made to create a warm welcome, while reinforcing your brand recognition.

A Friendly Welcome

A receptionist will provide a first impression of your staff and company culture. Only hire friendly, warm and welcoming receptionists, who are willing to go above and beyond to make guests feel welcome. For instance, they should smile at every guest, offer them a seat and a drink, and keep them updated on their meeting to avoid frustration. You should also ensure the phone is not left ringing, as a client will believe your company will ignore their call, too.

Welcome Natural Lighting

Exposure to natural lighting will not only make your staff feel both happier and healthier, but it can also make a space appear more open. As a result, it can increase your employees’ morale and productivity levels, which can help your business to both flourish and grow.

24-Hour News on TV

24-hour news on TV will not only allow your team to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings from across the world, but it will also prove to your guests that you’re keeping updated with the latest trends. As a result, they’ll view your brand as a forward-thinking business that is worthy of their time and money.

Display Artwork

Artwork can add a burst of color to your office space, and it can also convey intelligence and professionalism. Choose a work of art that not only adds a pop of color into a room, but complements your company’s image.

Big & Bold Potted Plants

There are many reasons to incorporate big and bold potted plants into your office. Not only are they a beautiful addition to an interior design, but they can also reportedly increase employee happiness and reduce stress levels. It will also provide a natural contrast to your décor and can prove you can take care of multiple things across the business with ease.

Offer Branded Pens

Branded pens are an ideal stationery item for your business, as you can hand them to guests during a meeting. You should then encourage them to take the pen with them, so they’ll have a subtle reminder of your brand once they leave your office. As a result, you’ll remain firmly in their minds, and a client might be more likely to hire your services.

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