How Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Employees?

StrategyDriven Talent Management Article |Productivity|How Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Employees?There are a whole lot of things that go into making a business truly success but if there’s one thing that’s perhaps more important than anything else: it’s your employees. The truth is that your employees are the very heart and soul of your business and if you’re not putting the effort into making sure that you’re taking care of them then you’re never going to be able to get the most out of them. Working with employees should always be a matter of give and take but that’s something that far too many business owners tend to forget about. They tend to assume that their employees exist to serve their needs and the needs of the business but forget that it’s also incredibly important that it’s also your job as an employer to serve your employees. That might sound something of a challenge and a lot of work but the truth is that it’s actually a whole lot more simple than you might expect. With that in mind, here are some things that you can do in order to make sure that you’re always getting the very best out of your employees.


For the longest time, we’ve all been working under the impression that a rigid working structure is the only way to ensure that a business is as productive and efficient as possible. And yes, it’s absolutely true that there are plenty of ways in which structure, discipline, and scheduling can make your business run a whole lot more smoothly. However, if you focus on those things exclusively then you’re going to create a stifling environment that leads to serious problems. You need to remember that work isn’t the only thing in your employee’s lives and forcing them to make compromises in every other aspect of their life for the sake of work is just going to leave them feeling frustrated and resentful of you and your business. Be willing to be flexible with things like working hours if employees have to fit their career around their families. The same goes for things like remote working. If an employee can work from home and that works best for them, that can often be the most efficient solution rather than dragging them into the office.


One of the most important things that you need to remember is that your employees are not machines, they’re human beings and human beings have limits. Trying to push your employees to achieve their best work can be a good thing but if you push them too hard it’s going to leave them burnt out and exhausted. You need to make sure that you’re actually putting in the time and effort to look after and support your employees so that you’re not putting them at risk at any time. Sure, a dispassionate view might make you think that this is time and money you could be spending on something else but it’s important to remember that taking the time to look after your employees is far better than having to take time to look or new employees when they all burn out from being overworked.

StrategyDriven Talent Management Article |Productivity|How Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Employees?Training

One of the biggest mistakes that a lot of business owners make is that they find someone that they think would be a great fit for their business and then completely waste their potential by just leaving them to it and not providing them with the avenues for improvement and development. There really is no better way to foster a total sense of apathy among your workforce than not to provide them with the chase to actually improve and develop new skills. Offering training to your employees is essential if you want to make sure that they are the most qualified and well-equipped workforce in any situation. It doesn’t even need to be training that applies directly to your industry. Even things like free CPR classes can be incredibly valuable. Not just because they teach lifesaving skills but also because it shows your employees that you are willing to make an investment in their continued personal development.

Creating the best possible environment

Of course, it’s not just a matter of putting time and effort into your employees, you also need to think about the environment that they’re going to be working in as well. If your employees are in an office that’s miserable to work in then that’s going to have a pretty marked impact on their satisfaction levels as well as their ability to work. You need to make sure that your office has everything from adequate amounts of space to enough like that everyone can work comfortably. Whether you go for something like an open-plan office or something more traditional will depend on personal preference but make sure that you’re creating an environment where your employees can feel comfortable and can collaborate with each other as easily as possible. You should also make sure that your office is set out in such a way that your employees feel connected to you as their employers. Setting yourself entirely apart from them is just going to cause divisions within your business.

You may find yourself looking at this list and thinking that it’s a lot of work just to get the most out of your employees and wondering if it’s really worth it? However, that’s the wrong attitude to take. Yes, being able to get the most out of your employees can be a challenge and will almost certainly take a pretty significant amount of time and effort. However, if you don’t put that effort in then things could be far worse in the long run. If you just try to treat your employees like a resource to be used rather than real human beings that you collaborate with, they’re going to start to resent you and your business and before you know it they’re going to start walking away. Your employees aren’t machines, if you’re only thinking about what they can do for you, you’re never going to be able to get the most out of them.

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