Boost Your Business With License Plating

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales Article |License Plating|Boost Your Business With License PlatingDoes your business entail supply management on a large scale? Do you think your company can still grow if only you have better infrastructure and more manpower to handle the workload? Do you have concrete plans for your business, but is hindered by budget constraints? Perhaps you would like to consider improving your current processes, employing better supply management practices, and adopting modern technology.

With that it mind, you should check out and learn more about license plating. Yes, the same practice you’ll find in vehicle registration also works great with supply management. Simply put, license plating lets you intelligently manage a batch of items, taking them as a single unit. The assigned plates determine the batch/unit, and it improves the efficiency of your warehouse operations, streamlining inventory transfer within the supply chain.

Can this really improve my business?

Imagine this: you’ve been managing your supply the same way throughout the years. The process, assuming you have one in place, follows several steps from one point in your supply chain to another. If you can introduce a better, more efficient way to do things, you can take out several steps in that process and move your products faster from your end to your consumers. It’s not really a question of “will it work,” because it will make your existing supply management process work better. Say for example you have a diverse supply to take care of. You can assign a “container” for these, either by pallet, carton, truck, or a large freight box. These are then assigned license plate numbers and use this information to group the items for easier management.

Get a snapshot of the information that matters

The license plates assigned are unique for your business. You can customize it however you want. By “customized,” we mean adding the associated information on the plates, including the item type, quantity, part numbers, serial number, manufacture date, expiration date, and more. You can add all of these and more, as necessary, to make tracking and grouping your items easier. By using the license plates, you’re simplifying the handling process by eliminating the need to distinguish on the item or product level.

You get more freedom to customize as you see fit, and you can choose to have a barcode or RFID tag for scanning purposes. From these alone, you can see how free you are to customize your supply chain based on your specific requirements.

Other Benefits

With license plating in place, you’ll be able to receive your shipments faster, track them for better response times, and adjust accordingly when problems arise. You can group items in “kits” for better packing and unpacking, depending on the supply needs or your customer requirements. If you’re working with raw materials, you can create license plates for every part you need and group them based on the order. You can also manage the consumption of materials, to ensure that you don’t over or undersupply. You can easily view inventory balances through the plates, so that you can adjust in real-time and avoid any downtimes and other similar issues.

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