Making the Most Out of Trade Show Attendance

Trade shows can be a wonderful way to grow your business, whether you are hosting a stand or visiting as an attendee. They are a great way to make connections with clients, customers and suppliers, show off your business, find ways to save money and to learn about the latest developments and tools that might be available to you.

But, they can also be hectic. Trade shows tend to be busy. There are often many different stands offering similar things, and it can be hard to get noticed, or to remember the people that you have spoken to. Trade shows can be overwhelming, and we often don’t get as much out of them as we perhaps should.

If you want to host a stand at a show, here are some of the things that you can do to make sure you get the most out of it, instead of wasting your time.

Send the Right Staff

If you are hosting a stand at a trade show, you might spend a long time planning your displays, the marketing materials that you want to take, and any freebies that you might want to offer your visitors. But, the staff manning your stand are just as important. These are the people that make you businesses first impression and that really sell it to potential customers and clients.

You’ll probably want to attend yourself, but you’ll also want to send enthusiastic and experienced team members who can speak confidently and answer questions easily. Take enough staff that you can spend some time wandering around and meeting other businesses, instead of being stuck to your stand all day.

Attend the Right Shows

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There are trade shows for different kinds of businesses, niches and industries. Some will be close to home, others further away. Some will be large, others small. Hiring a stand at every single one is a mistake, a waste of time and a waste of money. Take some time to research up and coming shows, find out more about them, and choose those that you want to attend carefully. If you are hosting a stand, this will give you the chance to condense your budget, and spend more time and money on your stand.

Make a Great First Impression

It can be hard to get noticed at a busy show where many companies are bidding for attention. that’s why your first impression is so important. Plan your area carefully. Add banners and signs, and use color to stand out. Consider props and use of your logo, and think about wearing uniforms, or bright clothing.

Get Some Free Advertising

Trade shows are a fantastic place to advertise your business. Some advertisements, like displays with a fabric tension frame system, can be eye-catching and effective. But these come with a cost. Others are free. Create a buzz for your attendance on social media, and encourage visitors to take your business in their posts.

Make Connections in Advance

When you do your homework, you might get an idea of who else is going to be in attendance. If not, reach out and ask on social media. Take the time to introduce yourself to other businesses before the event to give yourself a head start.

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