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There have been significant changes in the world of the law of late, as we see more firms ramping up their marketing and business growth activities. The days when cases and clients casually sauntered in through the door thanks to reputation has long gone. The market is much bigger, more competitive and more dynamic than ever before.

Clients expect things to happen on-demand now thanks to the growth of high-speed internet and 24/7 connectivity, and the high street is rapidly being replaced with digital-only services. This also gives rise to the popularity of ‘DIY’ – information is at the end at our fingertips, and people are choosing to save money and represent themselves.

Law firms are now dealing with digital marketing, social media, website development, and sales training, as well as trying to improve productivity, morale, and retention of employees.

Each obstacle also presents us with opportunities, and there is still time to evolve your marketing strategy to stay relevant in the current legal marketplace. While Elite Lawyer Management can give you expert advice, a good marketing strategy involves listening to what your clients want, then coordinating and monitoring all your marketing activities. See our top tips below for some suggestions on how to get your marketing strategy on the right track.

Make sure you have an online presence

People want to know who they are dealing with. Clients are going to check and look for you online, and if you are nowhere to be found, you are going to be missing a trick. It is a captive audience and the perfect opportunity to highlight your up-to-date professional profile.


Google loves quality content, so a blog should be a part of your marketing strategy. It will set you up as an authority in a specific area of law and, if done correctly, it will also give your SEO (search engine optimization) a boost, bringing your website higher in Google ranking. Your blog posts should be a minimum of 300 words in length -more, if possible, and provide something of value to a reader. It can be about anything -news, opinions, questions, and answers or informing them about a particular process.

Embrace digital marketing

Digital marketing is getting sleeker. The more you analyze the effectiveness of your online activities, the more you can optimize your strategies to improve your conversion. Digital marketing can have a huge impact on finding the right type of work for you.

Whether you are advertising on Twitter, Google, Facebook or LinkedIn, find your core demographic and try it out.

Sadly, just being a good lawyer is no longer enough, going the extra mile can really benefit you and your firm to make sure that you stand out from the crowd.

Although competition is growing, there are still many opportunities out there!

Remember to listen to your clients and get feedback on each case. If you are not providing them with the service that they need or want, they are going to go elsewhere.

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