How Effective Communication Skills Can Yield High Results in Leading Fields: Business and Politics

StrategyDriven Professional Development Article |Effective Communication Skills|HOW EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION SKILLS CAN YIELD HIGH RESULTS IN LEADING FIELDS: BUSINESS AND POLITICSWe live in a highly competitive business environment, where most start-up businesses close down or file bankruptcy due to a lack of competency. It is easy to establish a business, but to make it succeed and run its operations smoothly requires ample hard work.

Respectively, every field requires a particular skill set to achieve the targets. Hence, in these challenging times, people need to evolve with time and polish their abilities to succeed. It will help if you have an amalgamation of expertise to conquer your goals, but communication skills seem to have taken the focal point in recent times.

Communication means exchanging information, and communication skills are the ability to impart knowledge in ways that are understandable for recipients. Not everyone possesses these qualities, but with training and exposure, one can learn them. Regardless of field one chooses to serve, communication skills are vital for survival. Experts comment that people possessing practical communication skills are more likely to achieve their goals. Communication plays a crucial role in enhancing business practices as it ensures the efficient and seamless running of an enterprise. Whereas in politics also, smooth transmission of messages is essential, and success heavily relies on it.

Advancement in technology has transformed modes of communication and enabled humans to use several mechanisms to transmit information. User-friendly devices have made it convenient to send eloquent messages across. There are different types of communication mediums: written, verbal, visual, and listening. Effective use of dialogue in the technological era means the use of appropriate words. Still, it also means that you are aware of when to use which mode of communication and with whom. A degree in communication equips you with all such knowledge and provides you with opportunities to demonstrate these skills. When communication degree holders step in the corporate field, persuasive communication skills give them an edge over others. The good part is a career in communications is not limited to any one sector, and you can quickly obtain a lucrative job in any industry. For example, currently, politics and business are the two leading fields. Both are experiencing growth and booming at a fast pace. Therefore, a communication degree provides you with multiple career opportunities in different areas.

Below we present a detailed analysis of how communication plays a pivotal role in both the leading fields.

Advantages of Effective Communication in Business Field

An organization runs on several departments and involves numerous aspects to run its operations smoothly. But communication plays a significant role in binding all the business processes together.

Benefits of effective communication in the business arena are far too many, and some of them are as follows:

1.Boosts Productivity

Effective communication is a quality of leaders, and team members of such leaders feel a sense of contentment while working under their leadership. As a head in any department, dynamic communication helps transmit the vision and motivates employees to give a hundred percent. Clear instructions mean that employees know what does the company wants from them, and they take deadlines and instructions seriously, which provides a boost to their productivity.

2. Loyalty

Effective communications build a sense of ownership in the staff, and they start identifying with the company. They develop loyalty towards the organization, and if someone badmouths it, they take it on themselves to defend it. Moreover, they never think of switching companies, even if they come across a better opportunity.

3. Customer Satisfaction

Business often runs on the rule that a customer is always right. Satisfying customers is the topmost priority of enterprises as they want to sustain them. Effective communication is vital for customer service as they have to deal with different temperaments, and satisfying all of them requires persuasive communication.

4. Team Bonding

A team that bonds well deliver better results. Communication assists in developing synergy, which increases team morale. Therefore, team members who step in to share responsibility and workload, yield profound results.

Advantages Of Communication In The Field Of Politics

The field of politics is dominating, as it concerns millions of people. Decisions of politicians have effects on the whole country. Better communication skills are of grave importance in this industry because it can impact a lot of significant decisions.

The following are the top benefits of effective communication in politics:

1. Convincing Power

Political people want to convince people that they possess all the qualities that the community wants to see in their leaders. They require the public to believe in whatever they say so that political people can get votes. Effective communication is a key to win confidence, and it works like magic in convincing others.

2. Enlightens People

Many times, people are not aware of the problems that a nation is facing. But politicians use effective communication to enlighten them about the ongoing issues. They raise awareness about injustice, social and cultural intolerances, and persuade people to make better choices.

3. Dynamic Campaigns

Campaigns are an indispensable part of politics. Effective communication is the base of a powerful drive that generate desirable results. The process of running campaigns require people from different departments, and effective communication is what makes the whole procedure seamless.

4. Ability To Bear Criticism

Criticism and scrutiny are inevitable in politics; however, it takes people with thick skin to bear it with utmost patience. Effective communication allows them to draw a line and create boundaries. It also helps to build excellent stamina to take criticism positively and then use it for their improvement. These criticisms help pinpoint weak areas and give politicians the chance to improve the situation and resolve the general public’s grievances.


Communication is vital for every industry. Similarly, the world’s leading fields, business, and politics cannot thrive without communication. Excellent communication skills guarantee better performance, which in turn yields good results. Hopefully, with the help of a detailed analysis above, you can easily opt for a communication degree and increase the chances of getting a high-paying job.

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