7 Brand Management Software Solutions For Your Business

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales Article |Management Software Solutions|7 Brand Management Software Solutions For Your BusinessEntrepreneurs understand the importance of strong and consistent branding. Whether it’s your artwork, tone of voice, marketing materials, or storytelling; each part of your brand must be handled with care. Brand management software can help your company to organize your brand assets, and to manage your reputation. For a few great software options, make a start with these six solutions.

1 . BrandYourself

BrandYourself is a reputation management platform, designed to improve your business profile by ensuring that positive results show up. Using the software, you can gain control over what information Google shows about your company. With this kind of control, you can progress in your field, and boost your profile. BrandYourself can help you to create the branded persona that you desire. Using the analytics tools, you can monitor your search results as they improve. Some of the best features of BrandYourself include suppression of negative results, customized strategies, and social media scanning.

2. Brand 24

Brand 24 is a social listening platform; using this tool, you can find out what the Internet is saying about your company, product, and industry. Brand 24 is essentially an intelligence platform where you can keep track of the comments that people post about your business. You’ll have the option to respond to comments in real-time, plus you’ll gain plenty of useful marketing analytics. Other features of Brand 24 include sentiment analysis, topic grouping, and influencer score. Remember, whether comments are positive or negative, all comments need a timely response. It’s not enough to just ignore negative comments, you must respond with a solution, in the most professional way possible.

3. Reputology

Reputology is a software platform designed to help businesses gather reviews, feedback, or other brand commentaries. Reputology offers social listening and monitoring tools, which can help you to assess how people feel about your brand. There are plenty of features to take advantage of, including tracking surveys, review sites, and comment cards. Further features of Reputology include customer feedback, opportunity finder, and quick customer engagements.

4. Frontify

With the Frontify platform, you’ll have a range of tools to manage and improve your brand. Using this software, you can create style guides that govern exactly how you’d like your brand to be designed. Frontify allows you to edit these guides using logos, images, color palettes, and more. With this platform, you can also organize your brand files, guides, and manage your assets. Take full advantage of collaboration tools, smart content blocks, and a Kanban workflow.

5. Bynder

Bynder is a brand portal to help businesses simplify the brand managing procedure. Using Bynder, you can effectively store your assets and improve the collaborative process. Bynder can help you ensure that your branding is consistent and support you in keeping your marketing resources in order. Bynder includes product info management, hybrid mode, and customized themes. With this software, you can streamline your marketing processes and improve the performance of your campaigns.

6. Brandifyer

Using the Brandifyer portal, you can access your branding and marketing collateral all in one place. Brandifyer stores your brand guidelines, so you can ensure that all your publications and communications represent the correct brand identity. You can access plenty of brand management features, including asset management, artwork management, and approval process control.

7. Brand It

With this powerful brand management platform, users can create all the marketing materials they need and store digital files. It’s simple for you and your employees to access your brand assets from wherever you are. With Brand It, you can manage your artwork, projects, and other assets too.

Further Advice

Companies with excellent branding will go from strength to strength, and with these tools, you can manage your brand to ensure both consistency and a positive reputation. Perhaps you’re wondering what else you can do to improve your branding? There are plenty of options.

  • Branded Merchandise: One really simple way to boost your branding is with branded merchandise. Whether it’s notebooks, pens, or custom air fresheners, merchandise is a highly effective way to ensure that everyone remembers your name!
  • Nostalgic Branding: To follow the branding trends this year, consider using a touch of nostalgia as part of your ad campaigns. Whether it’s an old song, a cartoon character, or an limited edition product, nostalgia evokes positive memories that help you tap into your audience’s emotions. With a little bit of nostalgia you’ll improve your marketing!
  • Improve Your Storytelling: Branding these days is all about storytelling, and to improve your storytelling, you’ve got to shape your story around the values of your audience.

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