The Best Business Solutions for Small Companies

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |Business Solutions|The Best Business Solutions for Small CompaniesWhen operating a small business, there are a lot of different things that owners need to consider and manage to ensure that it runs smoothly. In fact, there are so many different facets of leading a small business that it can become overwhelming and frankly quite difficult without the proper tools in place.

The best way businesses can deal with these challenges is to equip themselves with the right solutions and software, which can aid in streamlining the business’ processes and can make performing certain tasks a breeze. Here’s a look at the best solutions and software that most small businesses should consider in order to give their operations a boost.


Trello is a brilliant and easy-to-use management software that can be used to manage not only personal but also team projects. It’s a visually focused software, which helps in its usability and it organizes things such as schedules and tasks effectively, so that an entire team is on the same page.

The main gist of how this software works is that a team can create a ‘board’ for each task or project that needs to be completed and then stick to that ‘board’ little cards, which detail the individual tasks that each member needs to do to contribute to that task. It’s super simple but it’s that simplicity that makes it really useful and easy to keep a business more organized.


For small businesses that require staff to travel to different locations to attend meetings or hold events, managing the business travel can be a tricky and time-consuming endeavor. Things such as booking transport, accommodation as well as expenses like food can be a hassle, not to mention that a lot of money can be lost through these expenses.

Getting TurboRes Business Travel Solutions is a great way to improve how your business handles travel, as the service will help you better manage your accommodation and also help you keep costs down when sending staff away. It’s really important to manage your travel effectively as a business, as not doing so can be a huge strain on a business’ resources, so that’s why getting a solution like TurboRes is a great idea.


Canva is a cloud-based graphics design suite that can allow users to create stunning visuals, whether that be images for social media, brochures, and flyers or whatever else you may need good graphics for.

Canva is a great tool for digital marketers as it’s super easy to use and allows creators to build stunning visuals really quickly and doesn’t require the steep learning curve that’s associated with Photoshop. What’s even better about Canva is that there is a robust version of it that is entirely free to use, meaning that businesses can save a lot of money using this service to enhance their digital and print visuals. It has a variety of different styles, illustrations, fonts, and more, meaning that you can create a unique and interesting piece of artwork that will differ from your competitors’ collaterals, making Canva a great business solution.

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