4 Essential Things To Include On Your Business’s Website

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Your website is an integral part of your business. It’s your online shop floor, and it has to be brilliant in order to really grab the interest of potential customers and businesses partners, and it also has to be easy to use so people can find what they need easily. There are a number of other features that your website should have to boost your business’s chance of success, so read on to find them out!

Easy To Use Navigation Bar

This is integral to any website and determines whether or not it’s going to be easy to use. Every website has one in some form or another and it needs to be the best it can be in order to really enhance your website and make it stand out. Your navigation bar will contain links to other parts of your website, such as specific products or an “about us” page. If your navigation bar doesn’t contain anything useful, or you don’t have one at all, you’re going to find that less people visit and use your website because they can’t do anything useful on it! If you don’t already know what you’re doing then it can be difficult to create your own navigation bar, so it’s good to check out these navigation bar templates to either use or base your own design off.

Backlinked Images

Images are important to your website, but backlinked ones are even more important. Images are important to your website because they give your audience something visual to engage with, if your website visitors see a photo of something that they like then they’re obviously going to be more interested in using your business! Backlinked images have a different purpose. The internet is a place where everyone can use everything of each others, and this includes your images. People can, and will, use your images without your permission for their own benefit. There isn’t much you can actually do about this, but it’s where backlinked images come in. If you use a WordPress image SEO plugin, whenever someone copies an image from your site onto theirs, the image automatically links back to your website when anyone clicks it. This can actually be incredibly beneficial for you as it essentially gets you free advertisement if someone steals your image, definitely something you should be doing to get more traffic to your site!

“Contact Us” Section

This specifically is very important, hence why it has it’s own section. Put quite simply, your customers and other businesses have to be able to get into contact with you if you want your business to go anywhere! Perhaps it’s a general inquiry, or maybe it’s a different business looking to set up a trade deal, regardless of what it is they have to be able to get in contact with you easily. So you need to make sure you’ve got two things in this section. The first one is that you have to include all of your company’s basic details, just in case anyone wants to pay you a visit or give you a call. The second thing should be this, an interactive part of your site where you allow someone to send you a message whilst leaving behind an email and a contact number. This allows you to answer any questions that people might have, bettering your business!


The reason why you need at least one of these is the same reason why you need images; it’s an engaging format for you to tell your customers what is going on! Often a video demonstrating  or explaining a product’s function is much better than an image or even a piece of text trying to explain it. Videos are much more informative than images and so you should learn how to embed videos on your website in order to make it much more attractive and informative to get people interested in your company.

As long as you do all of the things that are listed here, your website is going to be off to a great start. You’ll have images that make sense and that advertise your company even if they are stolen and used elsewhere, your visitors will know how to get into contact with you if they need to, they’ll be able to move around your website easily and there are going to be plenty of videos that tell your visitors what you do! Having a website means that you have to get visitors to it, and the best way to do it is SEO maximising, so read this to learn about it!

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