Maintaining Mental Health As An Entrepreneur: Four Essential Rules

StrategyDriven Entrepreneurship Article |Mental Health|Maintaining Mental Health As An Entrepreneur: Four Essential RulesMany individuals still believe that entrepreneurship will provide them with the freedom that they could not achieve as workers. While there are some cases where this is true, in reality, entrepreneurship usually creates higher demands than regular employment. It can be anything from stress and burnout to breakdown and depression, but running your own organisation often affects general wellness and mental health.

Whether you are working freelance, planning on launching your business or you have been running your own company for a number of years, it’s crucial to prioritise your mental wellbeing. Therefore, we have put together a few tips to help you take better care of your mental health.

Separate Work From Home

Thanks to the pandemic, most of us are working remotely these days. However, when you work from home, it is difficult to separate work life from home life, particularly if you’ve never worked from home.

To maintain a work-life balance, make sure you have a place that can be used as a dedicated office and do all your work there. When it’s time to unplug, leave the room and close the door. It will be much easier to leave work if you are in a different physical space. Also, sign out of your work email on your phone, turn off all notifications and try to resist the urge to work from your phone while sitting on the couch or laying in bed.

Additionally, consider creating a schedule for yourself and stick to it. This way, you will have less stress or mental clutter as an organised life is a less stressful life.

Decompress & De-Stress Every Day

Whether it’s reading books, journaling, meditating or even playing video games, successful entrepreneurs incorporate some “me time” into their daily schedule. This means finding moments where you can leave work out of your mind and check-in with yourself to feel rejuvenated and be better in dealing with your daily stress.

Prioritise Healthy Choices & Physical Activity

Nourishing your body through healthy eating and daily exercises is also crucial for both your mental and physical health. Eating healthy and balanced meals and snacks will prevent depression and cognitive impairment, and help you boost your mood, maintain your energy, stay focused and be more productive. At the same time, regular physical activity not only keeps your body in better shape but also helps with essential things like sleep and mood.

Incorporate CBD Into Your Daily Routine

Today, CBD oil is becoming increasingly popular as a natural and effective solution for mental health and general wellbeing. CBD is able to interfere with the receptors of your body’s endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for different processes occurring in your organism such as sleep, appetite, inflammation, stress, immune response, etc.

Intake of CBD oil for anxiety can help to alleviate anxiety and stress, improve focus and energy, boost mood, relieve pain or promote relaxation after a long day to experience restful sleep. CBD is also very versatile so that you can buy CBD oil in various formats such as capsules, tinctures, edibles, vapes and many others.

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