StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |Automate your Business|5 WAYS TO HELP AUTOMATE YOUR BUSINESAutomation is a process of replacing manual human needed in executing tasks with any form of technology. Automation is an area of business that is of immense benefit as it uses technology to perform business tasks or processes, where human effort or supervision would be otherwise needed. By incorporating automation, business-owners can boost efficiency, minimize operating costs, and ensure near-perfect consistency in business activities.

Although automation is great for business, certain factors must be considered before integration into your business. Areas any business owner should focus on are tasks or processes that are reoccurring, repetitive, algorithms can handle easily or time-consuming. Choosing the right tasks to automate is key to the growth of a business. So, here are five easy ways to help automate your business.

1. Social Media Automation

Social media has become an essential part of any business, especially in small businesses. Social media can help businesses to build an online reputation, raise awareness for their products or services, engage customers and potential customers, get feedback, and demonstrate expertise.

Automating your social media is a great way to help boost productivity, with tools that integrate your social media platforms and schedule posts across various social media platforms. There are several available such as Buffer, Hootsuite, ContenCal, etc.

2. Integration of AI Learning

The capabilities of Artificial intelligence have grown significantly over the last decade. It is now possible to feed AI’s business metrics in the form of data points that allow AI to optimize your business activities like price and digital marketing send. The benefits of Integrating AI are not no exhaustive, as there are constant developments and updates.

3. Automated Updates and Responses

Setting up automated updates and responses is great for reoccurring activities that involve your customers. Such as automated email updates that welcome new subscribers or inform them of recent transactions with your business or business promotions

The automated updates can intelligently respond to basic questions and regular inquiries customers may have, based on pre-set guides.

4. Documentation and Data Gathering

Automation in business is not limited to digital relations alone; it is also useful in areas of data gathering and documentation. Several documents and data are transferred in email correspondence, and keeping track of all the paperwork can be very time-consuming and tiring.

With automation software such as ERP Development, all the paperwork and documentation are automatically sorted according to your pre-set rules.

5. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)software

ERP software one of the best ways to ensure effective business automation. As it is a system that centralizes various aspects of business process management i.e., human resources, logistics, finance, documentation, orders, billing, inventory, customer management, and all that comprises the said business. ERP is basically a business management software.

However, the ERP software is not a generic solution, as it must be developed to suit every businesses’ metrics. Therefore in ERP Development, the software system must be modeled after the metrics of every business.

Conclusively, the first step to ensuring effective automation is to observe the repetitive and time-consuming areas of your business. Also, the development of ERP software will help in centralizing all the aspects of your business.

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