What makes a good investor pitch?

StrategyDriven Managing Your Finances Article |Investor Pitch|What makes a good investor pitch?Pitching your startup to investors is a nerve-wracking experience for everyone. Even the great business leaders of today like Elon Musk and Bill Gates have had to stand in front of a group of investors, and ask them for money.

You only have a brief window of opportunity to make that first impression and hook in your audience.

Knowing what makes a good investor pitch is a large part of the battle, so what does make a compelling investor pitch?

Research your investors

You don’t want to take a cookie-cutter approach to your pitches if you are making more than one. Do your homework on each potential set of investors. What is their investment profile like? What successes and failures have they had in the past. You want to try and remind them of the former rather than the latter.

Investors will be able to spot a generic pitch a mile away, especially if it misses the mark with its target audience.

Confidence is key

You might be a nervous wreck but confidence is a must. Not only confidence in yourself, but in your business and your ideas. Why would someone give a lot of money to someone who isn’t confident in their own ideas?

There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance, so don’t overdo it. Invest in having your pitch deck drafted by a professional Business Plan Writer, they can help to guide you through best practices in this area. Work on your presentation skills.

Business V emotion

A successful pitch needs both style and substance. You want to excite your audience by the prospect of investing in you and back it up with the cold hard facts.

Keep it short

It’s difficult to keep the magic happening for very long. Capture their attention, build up momentum and then get out and leave them wanting more.

Take them on a journey

Craft a compelling story for potential investors. It is great for nailing down the sequence of your pitch deck and takes your investors along with you on the story of your great idea.

Focus on investor benefits

As with all successful sales campaigns, focus on the benefits, rather than the features. You need to focus on what benefits and value you’ll be bringing to them, not the costs or features.

Know your business model inside and out

You’re going to get a lot of questions thrown at you. You can’t hide behind your pitch deck, no matter how great it is.

Your business model is the center of your pitch, you need to make it sparkle. Lose the investors here and it will be very hard to get them back.

Use visual aids in your pitch deck and presentation. Use examples of where a similar model is already being used successfully.

Be clear about what you want from them

What are you looking for from your investors? Partnership? Equity share? Remind people at the outset so that no one goes through the rest of the pitch for your startup under any kind of misapprehension.

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