5 Key Employment Trends We Will See in the Energy Industry in 2021

StrategyDriven Talent Management Article |Employment Trends|5 Key Employment Trends We Will See in the Energy Industry in 2021The year 2020 hit the world hard and changed the way many people live and work. One industry that took a hard hit was the energy industry. Companies could no longer fly their employees around the globe to work, they could no longer pack employees into smaller workspaces spaces, and many companies were hit hard in terms of profit. The below takes a look at five key employee trends that this industry expects to see in 2021.

One: Salaries are Expected to Rise

Last year saw many employees in the energy industry not getting an increase in their salary. According to experts, some even saw their wages drop in 2020. The good news for 2021 is that salaries are expected to stay the same or even increase for those in the energy industry. Visit with an oil and gas recruiter denver to find out the current pay rate.

The pay rate for a person working in this field will vary based on their exact position, the company they work for, and their experience. Those who are new to the field will make less than a person who has worked consistently with the same company for years. According to the Society of Petroleum Engineers, reservoir engineers in the United States reported an average salary of $158,857 and production engineers saw an average salary of $147,439.

Two: Employees Will Be Sought from Around The Globe

Companies are open to hiring employees who are not from the company’s home country. People are needed to fill vacant positions, and companies struggle to find enough people to fill vacant positions. One major trend for 2021 will be companies seeking employees from all over the globe, not just from one country.

Not having enough employees has caused issues in 2020. The issues companies have faced due to a people shortage include missing project deadlines, not meeting project needs in terms of production, and not being able to meet safety standards due to having an employee shortage. By seeking talent globally, companies will meet deadlines, improve production, and increase safety measures.

Three: Increased Career Mobility

When a person takes a job, they do so with the expectation they may move up in the company. Moving up allows a person to make more money and take on more responsibilities with a company. Companies in the energy industry want to retain their employees and therefore are expected to offer job mobility opportunities.

Four: 2021 Will Continue With the New Employee Normal

Before 2020, very few people knew what it meant to social distance. When the pandemic hit in 2020, this saw employees in the energy industry adjusting to a new normal. This new normal included safety measures like social distancing, fewer employees in a workspace, and reduced international travel. For 2021, that new normal is expected to continue for these employees.

Five: Employees are Expected to Be Happier with Their Careers

Since salaries are expected to rise, the people that work in this field are expected to be happier with their jobs. Employees may be able to go back to traveling the globe for work, as travel restrictions are expected to loosen in 2021. Employees are also expected to be happier as their opportunities for career growth are expected to be there.

The five items listed above are the expected employment trends for those in the energy field. While 2020 was a hard year for everyone, things are looking better for 2021. Those looking to get into a new field should definitely consider going into the energy industry.

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