How To Set Up the Perfect Therapy Office

StrategyDriven Starting Your Business Article |Therapy Office|How To Set Up the Perfect Therapy OfficeHaving the perfect office can make your therapeutic sessions a lot better. If your practice is still new and you started off by just renting office space, it can be stressful to arrange and set up everything needed. You also need to think about your patients and how they would feel when entering your office. The atmosphere should be calm and relaxing. When you still have some unpacking to do and have no idea where to place what, follow these steps on how to set up the perfect therapy office.


A chaise longue that clients lie down on is no longer the standard method. One of the most crucial parts of setting up your office is the chairs you and your clients sit on. A therapy session can go on for up to 2 hours, so making the seating arrangements as comfortable as possible is crucial. When doing sessions with families or couples, a sofa will be the best option as they can sit together. If your sessions are one on one, get a chair with a back that goes up and past the shoulders to ensure optimal comfort. Along with the seating, get a standard coffee table so that clients can put down their wallets, car keys, or beverages.

Arrangement of Furniture

After you have selected the perfect pieces of furniture, you need to think about how you will arrange it inside the office. There are many ways to utilize the space available in the most efficient manner to prevent your office feeling overcrowded.
But, this option is all up to you, just make sure that the office does not look too crowded but is still intimate.


If you have not rented an office space yet, look for one with a lot of windows. Natural light creates a place of peace and calmness – this is how you want your clients to feel when talking about difficult subjects. Natural light also has many health benefits. Windows will also provide your office with a view that can have a calming effect on your clients instead of just four walls that may sometimes make a person feel claustrophobic.

Comfort is Key

When a client is nervous or struggling to open up to you, it may help them feel more at ease when the office is comfortable. You can either decorate the office with light and neutral colors or offer refreshments like some herbal tea with cookies. The temperature of the office can also play a significant role when considering ultimate comfort – investing in an air conditioner to get the right temperature will also prevent a stuffy office. With regards to the air conditioning, It would also be a good idea to keep in touch with a 24 Hour AC Repair company for when your air conditioner is giving you problems and you need a quick repair.

The article gives you a few general tips on how to set up a comfortable and efficient therapy office. Together with these tips, you can also decorate your office with your desired items and elements to ensure patients feel right at home when walking into your practice.

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