3 Real Estate Marketing Tips for 2021

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales Article |Real Estate Marketing|3 Real Estate Marketing Tips for 2021There has been significant economic concern about inflation rates in the US, which have increased to 4.2% in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic recently.

According to one Federal Reserve official, this could have a particularly detrimental impact on the national housing market, as the failure to create sustainable inflation of around 2% could trigger further waves of boom and bust within the sector.

However, there’s no doubt that homeowners are currently looking to cash in on rising property values, with the median price for sales of existing homes up by 23.6% year-on-year in May. So, what marketing tips can help you to optimize your chances of selling your home in the near term?

1. Feature Virtual Tours Through Facebook Live

Most real estate firms now invest heavily in targeted Facebook ads, in order to capture an increased audience in specific locations.

However, such ads are also subject to more checks than others, so the approval process can take longer and be highly debilitating in a volatile marketplace.

The same cannot be said for Facebook Live, however, which can be leveraged immediately and to provide free, real-time tours of marketed properties.

Available through a Facebook Business page, you can optimize your live tours simply by launching a Facebook event URL and promoting specific windows in which potential buyers are invited to join.

Then invite all of your contacts and prospects, to create a highly efficient viewing that connects any number of potential buyers to a particular property within an incredibly short period of time.

Try to time your live tours to ensure that you’re capturing as large a target market as possible while taking steps to optimize the lighting in your home and making sure that it’s presented in the best light possible

2. Grow Your Email List

When you launch a Facebook live event, you can invite your online contacts and individuals featured in your email list.

This provides an opportunity to transcend Facebook and liaise with those who may not be connected through the site, boosting your potential reach and optimizing any return on your marketing spend.

With this in mind, it also makes sense to focus on growing your email list when marketing real estate. This can also benefit a number of alternative digital marketing channels, while you can look to target potential buyers through the creation and distribution of a regular email newsletter through this medium.

Of course, the primary challenge here is incentivizing people to give you their emails in the first place, especially if you look to move away from your existing contacts and expand your network.

The key is to provide something of tangible value to contacts, whether this is a free checklist of things that homeowners must do before selling their home or an educated insight into the prevailing market trends in your community.

3. Create an Integrated Marketing Strategy

The key to successful marketing in any sector in 2021 is to create an integrated approach and one that combines the very best of both offline and online channels.

This way, you can optimize the volume of assisted conversions that you’re able to create as part of the typical customer journey, while also generating targeted and large-scale leads through mass marketing channels such as billboards.

With an integrated approach, you can also leverage a range of highly engaging print materials as a way of building awareness, from direct mail and basic flyers to more lavish and high-quality brochures that showcase property in a more favorable light.

Brochures are definitely a relatively cost-effective way of sharing property information and showcasing high-definition imagery, while they can also feature consistent branding and various reminders that reinforce the brand’s wider visual identity.

Not only can this help to sell properties directly, but it also creates a level of brand recognition that may encourage recipients to use your services when buying (or even selling) real estate in the future.

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