How to Find the Best Social Media Management Companies

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |Social Media Management|How to Find the Best Social Media Management CompaniesRunning your own social media seems easy at first. You love interacting with people and you want to showcase yourself. Then things expand, time gets short and you need help – like a social media management company.

Before you hire a place like get plus followers, it’s time to do some research. Be sure to look at what they have done and what they can do. Here are some things to look for:

What Accounts Do They Currently Run?

You want to see who they work with to make sure that there won’t be too much crossover. They may represent someone who is in the same space as you – will that be a conflict of interest? Or can they make sure that the two of you can co-exist in this social media world?

Another reason for this is that you want to make sure that they can do your social media in the style and tone that matches you. How is their spelling? Mistakes can indicate sloppiness… which is what you don’t want.

Do They Have Strong References?

This time, you get to be the one asking for references. Ask them for contact info for another client. They may also show you a letter of recommendation. A good company will gladly show you.

Another good site to use is LinkedIn – previous clients tend to leave testimonials. Read through them to see what they say about their work. The web can be a great resource here.

Have They Done Good Work Before?

You can ask to see previous campaigns, not just their current ones. A stellar company will have a consistent showing of excellent work. There are key indicators to look for, and ask them if they hit all the goals that they wanted to.

Do They Have Too Many Clients?

The last thing that you want is to have a company that is unable to sufficiently pay attention to what they are doing for you. Expect them to have other clients, unless you dangle the carrot of a salaried position for the worker. Look for them to have a good balance and good multi-tasking ability otherwise.

You also want to make sure that both of you have the same criteria for success and also that they can handle a crisis with ease. Have a clear vision of what you want and then go from there with the hiring.

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