Simple Methods Of Preventing Trip And Slip Hazards In Your Workplace

StrategyDriven Human Performance Management Article |Prevent Trip and Slip Hazards|Simple Methods Of Preventing Trip And Slip Hazards In Your WorkplaceEvery person in your workplace has a right to safety, whether an employee or a visitor. Improvements can always be made, too, especially when mitigating slips and trips.

Even the most unlikely fall that a worker can suffer can cause a problem for businesses, so it is important to be as diligent as possible. Potential hazards are almost everywhere and can rock a company to its core if they are not properly addressed and resolved.

What are some methods that can best help you prevent trip and slip hazards in your workplace? You will find our suggestions down below.

Invest in Cabling Solutions

Realize the potential dangers that cables provide. Reevaluate whether they are causing any safety concerns and make appropriate changes.

Be wary of how technology can cause accidents. Know that a structured cabling installation can remove trip hazards while also enhancing network capabilities. Consider that cables that are not tangled also relay information faster with minimal disruptions. Work with suppliers who use only high-end quality products. Create a safer and more diligent IT infrastructure.

Untangling and organizing cables can be dangerous with improper methods. Keep everything organized with structured cabling. Appreciate the essential status of these solutions. Keep in mind that most workers interact with cables regularly. Benefit your business in more ways than one with faster communication capabilities alongside better safety.

Encourage Shared Responsibility

Instruct all workers to be diligent in maintaining a safe workplace. Help them realize that everyone has an active role in preventing slips and trips from occurring.

Ensure that workers communicate if they encounter a trip hazard that they cannot remove themselves. Leave notes on any hazardous areas. Report issues that require more specialist input and warn workers of any temporary dangers discovered in the building. Demand that every worker maintains the equipment they are using.

Teach respect for the janitorial staff and health and safety officers. Discourage leaving it to them to clean up a mess or remove hazards by default. Build a culture of equality and teamwork irrespective of job titles. Have designated spots for eating and drinking, and make sure some areas of your premises are off-limits to do so. Implement robust policies and check they are followed.

Improve Storage Solutions

Keep your workplace free of obstructions. Revisit your storage solutions and determine whether they can be improved.

Reorganize the way goods are stacked and where they are stored if they create trip hazards. Instruct workers to double-check whether liquid items are being stashed the wrong way up. Check for damages or leaks in any relevant products and work to see if these situations are recurring and why.

Dispose of any waste immediately to prevent excess. Ensure all your colleagues are following the same procedures for maximum effectiveness. Be aware that the smallest oversights can have the largest ramifications when it comes to storage, slips, and trips.

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