How can anti-piracy companies help protect your DMCA?

StrategyDriven Risk Management Article |DMCA|How can anti-piracy companies help protect your DMCA?DMCA, who does not know it? It is the abbreviation for ‘Digital Millennium Copyright Act’, an act established by the American government. The act is a rule to extend the copyright law focused on the ‘digital millennium technology’, since it can be claimed that today’s society is merely focused on online technologies. With the rise of technologies, also a rise of online piracy can be detected. Your company can easily be harmed by online pirates making use of online piracy, which is a shame because chances of losing revenue are also increasing due this. Luckily, there are lots of companies that can help you protect your band, with so-called DMCA takedowns! These kinds of companies are putting everything on the line in order to help and protect your brand. Are you curious how DMCA services might come in handy in your branch or sector? Please read through the information beneath.

e-Learning, Tutorials & Course Piracy

The rise of the technology can not only be seen within the increasingly popular social media platforms, or the way people are communicating with each other. It goes beyond regularly using technologies; nowadays people are even educating themselves online. Self-education via online platforms can be done by the use of LinkedIn, Udemy, Coursera or every other digital environment where courses and instruction videos can be uploaded. With the use of DMCA protection by an anti-piracy company, you can ensure that your videos are protected and illegally copied videos are taken down.

Movies, (TV) Series & OTT Platform Piracy

Technological developments in our society also makes it easier to watch whatever we want, wherever we want and whenever we want. Nowadays, an often-occurring problem within the film industry is the illegal streaming and sharing of their own content, obviously without their consent. By sending out a DMCA take-down request via an anti-piracy company, the income stream of your production company or OTT platform can be protected.

Magazines, e-Books & Publishing Piracy

DMCA protection about content is not only about instruction videos, digital courses and series. It is also about written content, such as magazines, e-Books and other kinds of publishing. It is found that written documents are very popular among online pirates. Anti-piracy companies can offer DMCA protection by the use of constant monitoring by trained analysts. Eventually, DMCA takedowns can help take down illegal copies of your written consent which in the end contribute to an increase of revenue; people will not be able anymore to use your content for free.

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