How To Reduce Tax Time Stress

StrategyDriven Entrepreneurship Article |Tax Time Stress|How To Reduce Tax Time StressSmall business owners often find tax time pretty stressful – even when there isn’t anything to be worried about. Tax time often comes with trepidation for those who aren’t confident with their numbers – not because they are lying, but because they struggle to do maths.

So how can you kick tax time stress aside and be more confident in your taxes?


Tax deadlines are some of the most important deadlines you will have as a business, and if you aren’t paying attention, they are easy to miss. Somewhere around your working area, and in your digital calendars, make sure you add the dates for tax returns.

Having them on a weekly reminder in the weeks leading up to tax time is beneficial.

Gather things

Have you got the receipt for the business dinner you went to last month? Did you make sure you kept the mileage written down when you traveled to the office? Do you know which tax forms your need to fill in?

Ahead of tax week, make sure that you have collected all of the information you’re going to need. Things like charity donations, pension contributions, and more.

Keeping everything in one place ahead of tax time can be very beneficial.


If you find tax time too stressful, or you want to make sure that no matter what, your taxes are done correctly, then it is often better for you to use tax services. Tax services can make sure that you always have the right information, have the right forms, and submit on time without fail.

Check It Once, Twice…

And then a third time. If you want to ensure that you have completed everything correctly, doing it at high speed and under stress isn’t the best way to get it done. Instead, it is best if you do the taxes at the start of the tax month, then go back two weeks later to double-check it, then finally, before you submit it – give it the once over one more time.

You might notice just before you send it in that something is missing, or you have written 8 when you meant 6. These are all easy to do – and easy to fix, so give yourself enough time to do it.

Take breaks

If you have a pile of receipts, invoices, mileage, and more and are trying to go through it all in one sitting, you’ll get yourself in a muddle. It is preferable that you take breaks in between so you don’t miss anything.

Taking breaks might feel like it just extends how long your taxes take you to do, but you are less likely to make mistakes if you take this approach.


Trying to handle your taxes with children running around, a puppy who needs to sit on your lap, and more could be a recipe for disaster. Instead, ensure that you have some protected timeslots that will allow you to do your taxes with the least interruptions.

Doing your taxes is part of having a healthy working relationship with money and running your business well; here are some more tips: Tips that will Help you with your Small Business Finances – StrategyDriven.

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