5 Ways to Improve a Recruitment Strategy

StrategyDriven Talent Management Article |Recruitment Strategy|5 Ways to Improve a Recruitment StrategyAll businesses need to have a recruitment strategy as they work towards growth and an ideal workforce. Recruitment strategies can only be carried out if tactical improvements are consistently made. Here are a few great tips for business leaders looking to reach strategic recruitment goals.

Leverage Technology

It is important to leverage all the technological advantages available to your organization if you want to develop a successful recruitment strategy. The best recruitment agency software comes with several tools to help businesses and agencies identify and manage the best candidates. Modern recruitment programs usually take the form of an ATS – Applicant Tracking Software. Applicant Tracking Software enables an organization to learn more from the pool of candidates that have interacted with job advertisements. It creates a searchable database of candidates and allows a business to sort applicants according to their attributes and qualifications.

Recruit Internally

Recruiting for senior and specialist roles from within the workforce of a company can have some distinct advantages over the hiring of outside talent. By recruiting internally, an organization makes it clear to employees that there is a pathway to career development open to them if they maintain good standards. Employees will often be more responsive to a senior recruit that is already familiar with a company’s culture. Recruiters will save a huge amount of time and money when recruiting internally. A great deal of the time spent recruiting is used for learning about potential candidates. Internal candidates will already be familiar with recruiting members of an organization. Onboarding times also shrink drastically when an employee is recruited from within.

Treat Candidates Like Customers

It is extremely important to make sure that a candidate’s impression of a company is a good one. Treating your candidates like they are customers and collaborators is usually a good way of ensuring that they feel comfortable applying and working towards their own recruitment. Listen to candidate concerns and address them appropriately. Sell the role that you want to fill by advertising unique benefits and progression pathways.

Develop Compelling Job Descriptions

Speaking of selling the role that you want to fill: your organization needs to be able to create compelling and targeted job descriptions that truly speak to your ideal candidates. Job descriptions need to be created with the ideal candidate’s interests in mind. Good workforce research is necessary to identify these interests. Keep job descriptions as concise as possible: candidates are often snowed under when trying to find work and may not have the time to read through a laborious description. Make the role of the candidate clear in the description and clarify any company benefits that they would receive if they successfully applied. Use targeted social media and job board ads to draw suitable candidates toward the job description.

Network in Person

Don’t forget how important it is to network in person. An interpersonal connection with somebody is often one of the best ways to get to grips with their suitability for a role.

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