Unspoken Rules Of Mascot Marketing Every Brand Must Follow

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales Article | Unspoken Rules Of Mascot Marketing Every Brand Must Follow

While digital marketing has emerged as a transitional trend in the branding landscape, some strategies continue to go strong. For example, brand mascots are still crucial, and they will never be outdated when it comes to promoting brands. In fact, you can use them to fuel promotions across all channels, from retail settings to print ads, TV, business events, websites, and social media. Since mascots are everywhere, you must choose them wisely and take a strategic approach toward promoting them. Let us share a few unspoken rules of mascot marketing that every brand must follow.

Rule #1- Conduct in-depth research

Start by choosing your mascot design wisely. You may have something in mind while launching it for the first time, but do not stick with a random idea. An in-depth research of your target audience is a good start. For example, your mascot should be fun if your target audience is the younger generation, while you can choose something more serious if targeting older buyers. Likewise, ensure replicating your brand’s vision, values, and message in its design. You must also dig deep if you want to rework the mascot of your brand down the line. Research should always be the first step.

Rule #2- Consider personalization

The market has countless competing brands selling similar products and services to the same target audience. A mascot that looks like any other is the last thing you need for your marketing campaigns. So you must consider personalization with a unique look, feel, messaging, and features. A personalized character is more likely to connect with the audience and stay in their memory, no matter how much competition is in the market. You can finalize a design and invest in Custom Mascot Costumes to promote your brand at events and in retail settings for the long haul. You can even try customizing it with different costumes or expressions for changing moods, seasons, and campaigns. Consider it a small investment to make your brand visible and memorable.

Rule #3- Maintain consistency with your visual identity

Another unspoken rule you must follow for mascot marketing is to maintain consistency with your visual identity. Simply speaking, your mascot should look the same everywhere, whether on your website, social media promotions, print campaigns, or business events. Consistency is also about aligning it with your brand assets, such as logos, colors, messaging, and tone of voice. Not maintaining consistency can send out confusing signals to your buyers, and they may end up feeling disconnected from your brand. You cannot afford the disconnect because it can affect customer loyalty and sales in the long run.

Mascot marketing is more than choosing a character to represent your brand. Think beyond and scratch the surface to make the most of this compelling branding strategy. You must follow some rules to select an ideal design and promote it effectively to gain attention, recognition, and loyalty for your brand. Following these unspoken rules can keep your business on the right track with an effective mascot marketing plan.

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