5 Powerful Impacts of Promotional Products and Branded Giveaways

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales Article |Promotional Products|5 Powerful Impacts of Promotional Products and Branded GiveawaysThe promotional products industry is big for a reason. In the US alone, companies spent over 24.2 billion U.S. dollars on promotional products. Successful businesses don’t overlook its powerful impacts and you shouldn’t overlook it as well. If you’ve been solely pouring marketing budget on digital ads, think again. Promotional products and branded giveaways are so effective and impactful and your business shouldn’t miss out on their benefits.

What are promotional products and branded giveaways?

Promotional products and branded giveaways are simple gifts. They are trinkets used by big and small companies to promote their service or product. Due to the global pandemic, face masks are currently the most popular promotional items. They’re closely followed by environmentally-friendly products, USB drives, outerwear, tote bags, and t-shirts. You don’t have to spend much on promotional products as you can also opt to giveaway pens, magnets, key chains, and other useful items. All promotional products, may they be big or small, bring in the same powerful marketing impacts.

5 Powerful Impacts of Promotional Products and Branded Giveaways

1. Instant Brand Ambassadors

Giving out promotional products makes people your instant brand ambassadors. They would end up using your item and you will always get free advertisement when they do. It’s not actually free as you spend it but this kind of advertising is something that can go on for many years and give you much value for your money. People keep promotional products for as long as eight months. The more useful the product is, the longer people use them. Given away umbrellas were even recorded to be used for 14 months. Hats were recorded to only last for seven months.

People also tend to give away promotional products that they receive so your simple branding move will truly go a long way. The more people your items reach, the better.

2. Good Branding Impression

Promotional products and branded giveaways give people the impression that your company cares. It creates a sense of community as people will deem your brand as helpful and considerate. Promotional products and branded giveaways create solid brand impressions that no other marketing strategy can match. Nothing is more effective than little acts of kindness that go a long way. It’s truly the little things that matter. If you want to make people know about your business and you want to make them feel that you care, you should invest in promotional products and branded giveaways.

3. Tangibility

Tangibility is supreme when it comes to having a solid presence. Nothing is more engaging than physical presence. Branded giveaways and promotional products, no matter their size, give that. They are tangible.

Consumers have evolved. They can now easily ignore almost all forms of advertising. As promotional products are tangible, it’s impossible to have them ignored. They give a recall rate of 85% because people can touch and feel them. Such tangibility is so much more effective and powerful than TV commercials and digital ads. If you want creative ideas on different promotional products and branded giveaways that you can utilize, you should check out Bladon WA.

4. Recall Rate

Data revealed that 85% of consumers remember businesses that gave them a hat or shirt. While a study on trade show attendees revealed that people remembered companies that gave branded giveaways and promotional products. Of the trade show attendees, 76% were recorded to have a good impression of companies that gave away useful items, tokens, and small trinkets.

This is something that no digital ad or TV commercial can do. The sense of tangibility is strong and it gets all the more impactful when it’s added with functionality. The more functional an item is, the stronger the positive impression it creates. People will truly appreciate your brand if they feel cared for.

5. Value for money

Spending on promotional products and branded giveaways bring so much value for your money. They last long and reach such a wide audience. Unlike TV commercials that can only air for a limited time, promotional products and branded giveaways can provide promotion 24/7. This is the case even if it’s just a pen or a face mask that we’re talking about.

In the case of a pen, your brand will always get promoted every time it is used. Even the simple fact that it’s found on a table already creates a strong impact. The more often your product or brand is seen, the more familiar it will become to people. Customer loyalty can be easily affected when a brand or product is familiar.

Every company’s goal is to make its brand or product familiar. Because in marketing, the goal is to simply make people know that your company or product exists. When consumers know that your company or product exists, they can then have the option to engage with you. The more familiar a product, the higher the rate of engagement. Familiarity breeds trust. Imagine that? All that for a simple pen? It’s simply amazing.

Level Up Your Game with Promotional Products and Branded Giveaways

Don’t miss out on the powerful marketing benefits of branded giveaways and promotional products. You should never overlook the positive branding benefits that they can bring to your business. When choosing a promotional product, opt for ones that are useful and durable. The more useful and durable they are, the more long-lasting the marketing benefits will be.


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