The Top 4 Ways to Level-Up Your Customer Acquisition Game

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales Article |Customer Acquisition|The Top 4 Ways to Level-Up Your Customer Acquisition GameAre you trying to build your customer base, create return buyers, and boost your sales? The answer is obviously a resounding yes.

Gaining new customers is easy enough in theory – however, the actual practice can be a bit daunting. We’re going to tell you what you need to know in order to level-up your game when it comes to customer acquisition. Keep reading to learn how you can turn more of your leads into actual conversions, acquire more customers, and boost your profits!

First of All…

Before we go any further, the very first step to level-up your customer acquisition game is to define your target market. Yeah, yeah, we know – you want to sell to anyone and everyone that will buy.

Except for the fact that this isn’t really an ideal way to approach business, marketing, or selling.

You need to take a day (or a week, or a month) to sit down and determine exactly who you’re trying to market to. Include information like your customer’s age, gender, socio-economic status, and where they live. Basically, gather any and all demographic information, regardless of whether you find it immediately important.

This information will help you make the best possible marketing decisions and learn who you’re trying to sell to in order to make offers more appealing to that person. You might realize that the particular market you’ve been trying to sell to isn’t ready for your product; you might also learn about a whole new group of people that you’ve never thought about selling to.

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales Article |Customer Acquisition|The Top 4 Ways to Level-Up Your Customer Acquisition GameMake it Personal

How many times have you opened an email from an unfamiliar address just because it included your name, the name of a product you just viewed, or a funny joke? The answer is probably more often than you’d like to admit.

You probably even wonder how that company did that – you know, make the email personal and applicable to you, specifically. There’s a decent chance that the company spent far too much money, time, and effort learning exactly how to send those emails and which programs to use to do so.

Yes, there are a lot of companies that offer you the ability to send out mass emails or even segment your subscriber list. They also usually cost an arm and a leg to use or are convoluted and exceedingly difficult to learn.

One of the easiest ways to avoid the high costs and confusion of standard mailing platforms is to use something designed to work with the mailing system you already use: Gmail. Opting to use a mail merge system for Gmail will allow you all of the benefits of a major mailing platform while still keeping the process simple and user-friendly.

When sending out your marketing emails, you’ll want to make them personal as mentioned; also, make them personable. Portraying your message or company as something that is relatable can go a long way toward getting your readers to open your email and follow through with your call to action.

Free Shipping Wins

As a business owner, you already feel the costs of shipping every time they increase and know that those costs are built into the price when a retailer claims that its “free.” As a consumer, you can’t help but buy just a little more in order to get the so-called “free” shipping.

With this said, you can already see that learning how to offer free shipping is a worthwhile task. It makes your customers feel as though they’re receiving a better value, can attract otherwise uninterested leads, and can ultimately boost your sales while encouraging repeat business.

Yes, free shipping can win business and increase sales, but you should learn the best practices in order to avoid losing money instead of making it! You might choose to have a minimum dollar amount on your orders or slightly increase the cost of each item – every industry is a little different in how they can incorporate “free” shipping.

Leverage Technology Use

Regardless of your industry, what you sell, or the service you provide, your business uses some type of spreadsheet software. These spreadsheets are used to keep track of email subscribers, inventory costs, or even payroll.

Believe it or not, Excel can be used for far more than just these simple tasks. You can choose to leverage your use of technology by hiring an Excel expert to help you create the exact algorithms and spreadsheets you need to save money while being more effective and productive.

How does this relate to customer acquisition? It’s simple, really.

When your business is saving time by not having to worry about spreadsheets and the accuracy of them, you can focus your attention on the money-making aspect of your business: the buyers.

Additionally, if you happen to be able to save a ton of money by becoming more productive, accurate, and saving overall costs, you can choose to pass these savings to your customers by offering lower prices. Lower prices will mean a competitive edge and often the potential for higher sales.

Leveling-Up Customer Acquisition: The Game You Can Win

Yes, customer acquisition is easier said than done; it’s also a very doable task when you choose to use the four tips mentioned here. When you take the time to define your target market, send out personal (and personable) email blasts, learn how to (properly) offer free shipping, and use technology to your benefit, you help to ensure a constant flow of new customers as well as repeat business.

It might take a little bit of time to learn how to implement the “cheat codes” to the customer acquisition game but you can rest assured that once you do, your sales will skyrocket, buyers will tell their friends, and your business will increase in value!