4 Benefits of Using Bulk Bags

StrategyDriven Tactical Execution Article | 4 Benefits of Using Bulk BagsWhen you have products to sell, it is imperative to have the best storage and shipping materials available. Bulk bags- also known as Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs)- support optimal storage and shipping. The following are just four of the many benefits of using bulk bags for your shipping needs.

1. Versatility and Durability

FIBCs are made from a woven fabric that is flexible enough to hold 500kg to 2000 kg. They come in different sizes and dimensions, making them perfect for toting all types of dry, flowing products. Some industries they work very well for include:

  • Agriculture
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Chemical
  • Mining
  • Fishing

Additionally, bulk bags can be custom-made according to your specific needs. This ensures that you get the right type and size storage bag.

2. Optimal Storage Usage

Thanks to their customizable nature and flexibility, bulk bags make excellent storage options. Traditional storage containers and boxes force your product to fit the available space. They do not move or budge, meaning you might be missing out on storage.

On the other hand, bulk bags actually move, stretch, and conform to the products they hold. If you only need to fill half the bag, you only have half a bag taking up space. Other storage options, like boxes, stay the same size no matter how much product is in them.

Skip the boxes, drums, and paper bags in your warehouse. Instead, choose bulk bags that allow you to optimize your storage space.

3. Lower Shipping Costs

It takes a lot of money to run a business, which is why it’s so important to cut expenses wherever possible. Bulk bags can save you money on shipping costs in a few ways. First, bulk bags do not need pallets or any secondary packaging, both of which add extra weight and costs.

Additionally, being able to fit more into a bag means having to ship less overall. For more cost-saving products, learn more here.

4. Reusable or Recyclable Material

Thanks to their general make-up, bulk bags do not easily rip and tear. This means that FIBCs can be reused for quite some time. They are also recyclable due to the materials they are made from. You can use bulk bags without concern about their impact on the environment.

Bulk bags are a great way to take control of your storage space and shipping costs. Visit website to learn more about how such a simple product can make a lasting impact on your daily operations.