2016: One Thing to Remember

It’s here. The future. What will you do?

When I present to leaders the findings from our recent Future of Work Study, one slide draws the biggest Ahas.

Your Comfort ZoneThe next five years will be among the most disruptive in business, if not human, history. Everything you know, feel, and do will be Uber’d — you will experience massive disruptions that seem to come out of nowhere – disruptions that can uproot your entire businesses or industry before you’ve finished your morning cup of coffee.

To tackle those disruptions, most every major decision you’ll need to make during 2016 will be outside your comfort zone.

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About the Author

Bill JensenBill Jensen is CEO of the Jensen Group, a New Jersey-based change consulting firm, focused on the future of work. As Mr. Simplicity, Bill makes it easier for people to do great work. His eighth book, Future Strong, is on sale now. Follow him on Twitter @simpletonbill.