Are Consumers Putting Pressure on Businesses to Go Green

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |Green Business|Are Consumers Putting Pressure on Businesses to Go GreenConsumer behaviours always change and it is the consumer which has the ability to enact change as businesses always need to find ways to appeal to their target demographic. In recent times, one of the biggest consumer changes has people becoming much more environmentally-aware which is understandable when you watch the news and see the impact around the world.

Consumers Becoming More Selective

Modern day consumers are becoming increasingly eco-conscious with scientists encouraging both businesses and individuals to make positive changes in their life to protect the environment. More and more people are now becoming selective when it comes to the businesses that they use and people will favour those that have green credentials so companies are now under pressure not only by new regulations and scientists but also modern-day consumers.

Sustainable Packaging

This is evident with a recent study by Trivium Packaging, which discovered that 74% of consumers would be willing to pay more for sustainable packaging. More than two out of three stated that environmentally-friendly, recyclable packaging was important which is not surprising when you see the attention that supermarkets and other stores get for plastic packaging. The report stated that these findings present “ a real opportunity to impact purchasing decisions by offering environmentally friendly options for their consumers” and it is certainly something that businesses need to think about.

In a time where people consume a huge amount and get items shipped through online shopping, sustainable packaging has become incredibly important and a way for businesses to improve their green credentials. It is important to use recycled materials and to use reliable and eco-friendly couriers when it comes to shipments so that you can satisfy today’s eco-aware consumers, otherwise you could fall behind the competition as well as continue to harm the planet.

Positive Change

Harmful packaging is quickly becoming a thing of the past which is positive to see and evidence that consumers can make a difference when they are selective of the brands that they use. While packaging is a major topic when it comes to environmental-impact, it is not the only one and consumers may start to shun businesses for other reasons soon too and favour those that are green.

Other Areas

This means that businesses need to think about ways that they can protect the environment not only from a social responsibility standpoint but also so that they can continue to attract their target customer. This might include remote working, increasing recycling and using renewable energy to reduce their impact.

It is fantastic to see that so many businesses are changing to sustainable packaging and shows that consumers have the power to make changes, but there is still a lot of work to be done and big changes to make in the coming years.