Are Consumers Putting Pressure on Businesses to Go Green

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |Green Business|Are Consumers Putting Pressure on Businesses to Go GreenConsumer behaviours always change and it is the consumer which has the ability to enact change as businesses always need to find ways to appeal to their target demographic. In recent times, one of the biggest consumer changes has people becoming much more environmentally-aware which is understandable when you watch the news and see the impact around the world.

Consumers Becoming More Selective

Modern day consumers are becoming increasingly eco-conscious with scientists encouraging both businesses and individuals to make positive changes in their life to protect the environment. More and more people are now becoming selective when it comes to the businesses that they use and people will favour those that have green credentials so companies are now under pressure not only by new regulations and scientists but also modern-day consumers.

Sustainable Packaging

This is evident with a recent study by Trivium Packaging, which discovered that 74% of consumers would be willing to pay more for sustainable packaging. More than two out of three stated that environmentally-friendly, recyclable packaging was important which is not surprising when you see the attention that supermarkets and other stores get for plastic packaging. The report stated that these findings present “ a real opportunity to impact purchasing decisions by offering environmentally friendly options for their consumers” and it is certainly something that businesses need to think about.

In a time where people consume a huge amount and get items shipped through online shopping, sustainable packaging has become incredibly important and a way for businesses to improve their green credentials. It is important to use recycled materials and to use reliable and eco-friendly couriers when it comes to shipments so that you can satisfy today’s eco-aware consumers, otherwise you could fall behind the competition as well as continue to harm the planet.

Positive Change

Harmful packaging is quickly becoming a thing of the past which is positive to see and evidence that consumers can make a difference when they are selective of the brands that they use. While packaging is a major topic when it comes to environmental-impact, it is not the only one and consumers may start to shun businesses for other reasons soon too and favour those that are green.

Other Areas

This means that businesses need to think about ways that they can protect the environment not only from a social responsibility standpoint but also so that they can continue to attract their target customer. This might include remote working, increasing recycling and using renewable energy to reduce their impact.

It is fantastic to see that so many businesses are changing to sustainable packaging and shows that consumers have the power to make changes, but there is still a lot of work to be done and big changes to make in the coming years.

How businesses can benefit from green tech investments

StrategyDriven editorial perspective Article |Green Tech|How businesses can benefit from green tech investmentsAs the focus on the environment continues to grow, businesses are now seeking out ways to adopt eco-friendlier practices. But green technologies can actually offer benefits to businesses as well as the planet, and the great news is that there are several options for companies to choose from.

From remote working to digital tools, here are a few of the ways that businesses can benefit from green tech investments.

Solar panels

Solar energy is one of the best investments you can make for your business. It powers the entire building and during peak generating times, it can even make money back! According to Geo Green Power, specialists in large-scale commercial solar panel arrays, generating your own solar energy will significantly reduce your carbon footprint, increase your company’s sustainable credentials and improve your business reputation.

It’s a great way of ensuring your business is more environmentally-friendly for the foreseeable future and can help to cut down energy costs too.

Wind turbines

If your business is located in a windy area, and there’s enough space to house them, wind energy is a great renewable source that has the potential to power entire businesses. There’s a huge amount of electricity which can be generated from a wind turbine, even if a smaller commercial windmill is chosen.

Small windmills have a power rating of up to 5kW which can generate up to 13Mwh a year – this is plenty to cover the energy needs of up to four average-sized homes or a business with the same-sized premises. Have the space for a larger wind turbine? This could be enough to generate power for a warehouse or packing facility.

Cloud computing

Businesses can make the most of cloud computing which helps to reduce wasted office space on large servers. Cloud computing also reduces the environmental resources required to keep servers running, such as server-farm cooling systems, which will reduce your business’ environmental impact and improve efficiency.

With cloud providers such as Amazon and Google running such efficient systems, there will be very little impact to your business in terms of the operational processes.

Remote working technology

Remote working is something that many workers have had to adapt to in 2020, but it’s actually the greener choice. By making the most of technologies such as collaboration tools, communication software and cloud platforms, staff can continue to work as efficiently as if they were in the office, without the need for commuting.

In addition to removing the commute for all members of staff, remote working also removes the need for a physical office and the many costs that come with that.

Green data centres

Data centres account for a huge amount of electricity each year, which results in vast amounts of fossil fuels being used to keep businesses running. But they also play an important role in the economy and are essential to businesses in today’s digital climate.

Companies can actually continue to make use of data centres while still reducing their carbon footprint by switching to hosting sites and applications in green data centres, which make the most of renewable energy sources instead of fossil fuels.

Go paper-free

We all know the importance of reducing our waste and that’s particularly important in businesses where paper documents and marketing materials can quickly build up. Switching to a unified communication system is a great way of helping businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and benefit the planet, while also saving money.
There are numerous tools and applications available now to create a streamlined communication system for businesses, from sharing documents in a paper-free way to storing files and information securely online instead of in paper form. Digital storage features don’t just benefit the planet by reducing waste and the need for paper, but they also ensure that information is easily accessible and safer from the risk of data theft or physical damage.

Final thoughts

Technology has the ability to provide innovative solutions to the environmental crisis, while also benefitting businesses in terms of convenience, efficiency and cost. From cloud computing to communication software and taking advantage of the ability to work from anywhere in the world successfully, businesses can become more sustainable without it impacting their productivity in a negative way.

Why Its Time To Turn Your Business Green

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |Green Business|Why Its Time To Turn Your Business GreenIf you haven’t started to make “green” changes in your business yet, then it’s time to start now. When it comes to your business, it’s not just about contributing to the sustainability of the environment as there are many benefits to your business as well and many reasons to go green.

Contribute to the Sustainability of the Planet

Let’s start with the most compelling reason for making your business greener and the most obvious one. We all know that the planet is changing and that we need to do our bit. Going greener can benefit our health, it can help endangered species and provide a better future for the next generations. Most people know about this now, and companies are doing what they can. From Starbucks providing incentives to bring your own reusable coffee cups, to other companies working on ways to use recycled frack water or non-potable brine for fracking. No matter what business you work in, there is something you can do to help, so it’s time to work out what that is.

Save Money

One way that you can go green in your business is to minimise your power usage – and the good thing about this is that it will save you money too. It might seem like a cost at first to switch to energy-saving light bulbs and upgrade to other more energy-efficient equipment where but over time it will save you a lot of money. You could try converting a paperless office which will save you money on paper, printing supplies and filing cabinets too.

Tax Reductions

Green strategies often equal tax deductions. Renewable energy will mean savings not just for now, but for way ahead into the future, and the government wants to encourage and are providing incentives to do so.

Builds Your Reputation

Today consumers are pickier over who they choose to buy from and give their money to. This applies to millennials in particular, who would spend more on the same product if the company they are buying from is more ethical than another. Research shows people now want to do business with merchants, service providers and manufacturers that share their values. It would help if you shouted about the efforts you are making, whether it’s on social media, writing blog posts or advertising your efforts. Let people know so that they can make an informed choice on where and with whom they spend their money.

Helps to Attract Talent

Just as people are picky about who they spend their money with, they are also particular about who they work for. If you want to attract the best talent, then you need to become a leader in your industry and stand out from the crowd. Today, employees are more bothered about being environmentally responsible too, so they will want to work from somewhere that they align with in terms of what is important to them. Make sure your home page, About Us page and blog proudly show that you value sustainability, and any potential employees who share your values will definitely notice.