Leadership Lessons from the United States Naval Academy – The Honor Concept

"Midshipmen will not lie, cheat, or steal, nor will they mislead or deceive anyone as to known facts. A midshipman will be truthful, trustworthy, honest and forthright at all times and under all circumstances. Midshipmen are presumed to be honorable at all times and to possess moral integrity in the fullest sense and will be treated accordingly, unless they prove otherwise by their words or actions. Midshipmen should neither permit nor accept anything which is not just, right, and true. They should do the right thing because it is right, not because of fear of punishment." The Honor Concept United States Naval Academy Hi there! This article is available for free. Login or register as a StrategyDriven Personal Business Advisor Self-Guided Client by: Subscribing to the Self Guided Program - It's Free!