Eco-Friendly Business Ideas

StrategyDriven Entrepreneurship Article |Eco-friendly|Eco-Friendly Business IdeasFinding a viable source of income is vital for our survival, and entrepreneurship is often a better option than employment. Being your own boss, if done right, can be more meaningful and lucrative, but it can be challenging to find an idea that requires minimal capital and starts making money right away.

What if we tell you that there is a solution that has a massive potential to grow, does not require a lot of investment, and to top it all, it is environmentally friendly.

Because let’s be honest, the world as we know it has taken a turn for the worst, temperatures are fluctuating like never before, natural disasters are on a rise, etc. Now, more than ever, we need to take a holistic approach – find a lucrative business opportunity that doesn’t add to our carbon footprint.

Eco-Friendly Business Ideas

Our solutions are practical yet straightforward – the work hours are flexible and if done right, there are streams and streams of earnings. Here are some of our recommendations:

Car Sharing, Ride Sharing Or Mobility Service

We recommend you start a car sharing, ride sharing, or mobility service that taps into the needs of the commuting market and is a better alternative to driving yourself or using public transport.

Because not only is it a cost-effective mechanism for ride seekers as it trumps the need for expensive car rentals and taxi services, but it also helps sustain what mother nature has bestowed upon us for the long haul. In the U.S. alone, one-fifth of the emissions are caused by cars and trucks, which is about 24 pounds of carbon dioxide, and other gasses which lead to global warming.

Just imagine how much carbon emissions can be reduced when there are fewer cars on the road because people prefer mobility services over owning cars. To get a better perspective on how easy it is to start and build this business, visit Ridecell, a high-yield shared-ride company that can help you start a shared mobility business and show you how “shareable becomes profitable.”

Green Building Materials

With rising awareness of environmental sustainability, people are looking for ways to make their homes more environmentally-friendly – and it all starts with clean green building materials. This is a viable business option, especially for those interested in working for the construction industry.

The good thing is that there are many materials you can work with, so you can choose something which is directly or indirectly linked with your expertise. Some of the green materials options include:

  • Collecting paper, plastic, aluminum, cardboard, etc. and recycling them for a variety of purposes
  • Junk hauling and trash removal services
  • Selling local produce at the farmers market
  • Sourcing or producing organic food or snacks and selling it to people
  • Selling of solar panels

Green Bloggers

If you are well versed in writing, you can choose to write about environmental topics that can make a difference. A blog that’s filled with informative content can be a lucrative business all on its own. You can start making money by featuring advertisements via Google AdSense and other advertisement providers. The more people visit your blog, the more money you make.

Also, once your green blog has a decent following, you can even start selling different green products, especially related to your niche.

All in all, there are many lucrative opportunities with many environmental benefits – so why not jump the bandwagon, strike while the iron is hot, and bring an eco-friendly business idea to life.