Leadership Through a Transparent Lens

Fiduciary responsibility is a two-way street paved with trust. Trust that the client is clear on his or her goals, and that the investment advisor’s plan to achieve them is well defined. With a complete disregard for ambiguity, trust demands transparency. An authentic broker-investor relationship is a microcosm of transparent leadership because a fiduciary duty epitomizes the highest of standards.

As a leader, my role in my company and in my community is to speak intelligently about the causes, values, and ideologies in which I believe. If those resonate, people may get onboard. If for any reason they do not strike a chord, then the onus rests completely on me; any failure to articulately inspire is solely my responsibility.

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About the Author

Conor DelaneyConor Delaney founded The Good Life Financial Group in 2012. Prior to that, he served as both a top advisor and top manager for Waddell & Reed Financial Services since 2005. He graduated from Alvernia University, Reading, PA, in 2007 with a degree in Accounting and in Business Management. Delaney was also a graduate of Red Bank Catholic High School, Red Bank, NJ in 2003.