6 Ways Your Business Is Wasting Energy

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |Wasting Energy |6 Ways Your Business Is Wasting EnergyOver the past few years, we’ve become much more aware of the impact that we’re having on the planet. Ice caps have melted, forests have been cut down, and entire species have been wiped out. As a small business, you might think that there’s little you can do about these issues. Thankfully, that isn’t true. By limiting the energy that you waste, you can help the planet, as well as save money and boost your image. Or if you are intending to switch to a better more energy conserving provider, be sure to check out

Here are six ways your business is wasting energy.

Leaving The Lights On

Unless you have staff working through the night, your office should not have its lights left on all hours of the day. This is incredibly wasteful, not to mention pointless. Instead, you should go around the building and ensure that they’re all turned off. If you think that you might forget to do this, or simply don’t want to, then switch to motion sensor lights or put them on a timer instead.

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |Wasting Energy |6 Ways Your Business Is Wasting EnergyScheduling Cleaners At Night

A clean office is a productive office. This is why many employers hire janitorial staff to keep the workspace looking its best. If you have any control over when these employees work, then you should schedule their hours during the day or just after all other staff go home. By doing this, you limit how much extra energy you use and save yourself from paying off-peak energy costs.

Ignoring The Necessary Repairs

Many repairs can cause you to use much more energy than you need to. A leaking roof, for example, will let warm air out and cold air in so that you have to turn up the thermostat. For this reason, you should look into tpo roof repair. Forgetting to change your air filters will also cause heating problems, as dirt and debris will make it much harder to push air through.

Overcharging Your Mobile Devices

Everyone knows that charging cell phones and laptops is important, especially in a workplace where you tend to need them. However, once your gadgets have full batteries, there’s no reason why you should leave them plugged in. They won’t go over 100% after all. Plus, when you overcharge certain mobile devices, it can damage their batteries, making them less efficient.

Covering Up The Vents

Office occupants are going to move furniture around from time to time. You just need to be careful of where they put things. If desks, filing cabinets, or chairs are pushed in front of vents, this will block the airflow, meaning that your HVAC system will have to work much harder. This extra work will waste a lot more energy and cause your energy bills to skyrocket.

Having Unnecessary Vending Machines

A vending machine can make your staff very happy, but it also uses electricity every hour of the day. If your team aren’t using the machine very much, therefore, you should consider getting rid of it. Turning the machine off at night is also an option, but only works for machines containing items that won’t spoil without refrigeration.

Don’t let high energy bills get you down. With the advice above, you can help your wallet and the planet at the same time.