Mold In The Workplace: How To Handle It!

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |Mold in the workplace|Mold In The Workplace: How To Handle It!When you own a commercial property, you want to ensure that it’s as safe as possible for you, your staff and for any clients who come into the building. The best way to ensure safety is to invest in the right insurance policies. You will know that you have to have public liability insurance and other insurance ranges to take care of people, but have you considered your commercial property? Fire, flood, earthquake and all manner of natural disasters can really affect your business, but if you’re smart about your insurance purchases, you can ensure that you are covered much of the time. If there is one thing that can have a devastating impact on your business it’s flooding.

Whether flooding is because of a burst pipe or a natural storm, your business is going to be badly affected by the water rising in the property. Floods that start in the basement can have an impact on the structure of the building, causing damage that is expensive and interrupts your business hours. You will also find that a side effect of flooding is often mold. Mold can present some serious issues for your business. Not only does it have an impact on the health of your staff and any guests, it can lead to devastation for the structure of the building, too. Those who are dealing with allergies and asthma are particularly vulnerable to the effects of mold and if you have people getting sick as a result, they are not likely to be particularly productive for your day to day needs. Mold can also lead to business interruption as you will need to think about the time taken to clean your business from the mold on the walls and in the ceiling. If the mold is ingrained into the walls, you will have an even bigger job, as there may need to be replacement and replastering efforts made.

Did you know that if you can see mold, it’s not necessary for a company to come in and test for it? They can see the mold is there already, so there is no real need for them to take the time to test for something that they can already see. Mold can be a blessing in disguise if you haven’t considered your flood insurance or your commercial drainage options before. However, you don’t want to have mold in the business property if you can help it! If you suspect mold in your business premises but you haven’t seen any, we’ve got eight situations that warrant booking a mold test. Let’s take a look:

  1. You or your staff are sneezing and experiencing allergy symptoms. Whether it’s sneezing or other symptoms like stuffy heads, headaches, scratchy and itchy throat, runny nose and more, you need to get a mold test booked in. This is especially important if you’ve had some drainage issues and flooding lately.
  2. You think that you can see some mold in the building, but given your lack of expertise with mold, you’re not sure and you want confirmation. There’s nothing worse than mold being in the corners of the bathrooms or the basement. It’s unprofessional to see mold blackening the corners of the room, and if you are seeing mold, you have to assume that it’s in the walls, too.
  3. There is a weird, musty smell in your building but you can’t identify what is causing the smell. The cleaners are doing their usual excellent work, but you haven’t got rid of the smell and it’s getting worse. This can indicate mold in the home – even if you cannot see it.
  4. If you have recently had a flood or plumbing leak, you may not notice the beginnings of mold coming from the damp. Any leaks or drainage issues should be looked into ASAP, too, as this can lead to mold if it’s not caught early enough. If you have a professional come to check your drains, you need to ask them to check out the damp a wet spot has left behind, too.
  5. You can ask for mold testing to see whether a removal has been successful. This is a great way to check if any mold is left behind after you have paid for it to be removed. Air testing is going to be done by a professional and they can tell you if the levels of mold normalized.
  6. If you are buying your commercial property, a mold test is an essential and it’s a great reason to get your commercial place checked by a professional – just in case.
  7. Another good reason for getting a mold test is whether you need to prove that there is a problem. This is especially important if you are a tenant and your landlord is asking for evidence before they spend their money making changes.
  8. If you want to make sure that your staff are breathing in high-quality air, then a mold test is a must.

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |Mold in the workplace|Mold In The Workplace: How To Handle It!There are several things that you can do to handle mold in the workplace, and we’ve got some of those things for you below:

  • Keep All Of Your Flood Insurance Documents Accessible
    You need to avoid mold after a flood and you should call a professional water damage company to help you out. You should consider that the longer you are delayed, the longer it will take for your insurance company to come out and reimburse you some costs.
  • Work On Any Leaks Right Away
    If you see any leaks in your business, then the best thing that you can do is clean them up straight away. Mold can present an issue everywhere there is moisture, and you need to prevent that moisture from collecting in the first place! Calling a plumber to deal with your pipes and drainage regularly will mean catching any leaks that you could be unaware of. You want to make sure that you stop any water from getting into the surfaces around the building. This will prevent further damage.
  • Work On Ventilation
    Bathrooms and kitchens are notorious for being full of steam and moisture in the air. With the proper ventilation, you can ensure that moisture is out as fast as possible and avoid any mold and damp patches forming. Installing fans throughout these spaces as well as vents and open windows will help, and standing fans will blow the humid air away!
  • Buy A Humidity Monitor
    You don’t know how truly moist your property is without a humidity monitor. These monitors will tell you how much moisture is in the air and they’re not particularly expensive, which means that you can get answers without breaking the bank. Not only will they check the current moisture levels, they’ll tell you if there is a spike in the amount of moisture in the air.
  • Stop Using Bleach
    If you want to clean off any mold that you have spotted, you need to stop using bleach. The bleach may be a quick fix, but it only takes off visible mold and the idea is to eradicate the problem entirely. To do this, you need the professional to come in. Store-bought solutions just won’t do the job on stubborn mold, but the professional cleaning companies have everything that you need to get rid of the problem properly.
  • Keep The Moldy Areas Empty
    If one office in your building is dealing with mold, you need to cordon it off and have the affected area away from the rest of the property. This prevents the spreading of spores on shoes, jackets and even in the hair of your employees. Don’t wait too long to get help from your local cleaning company, though, as it can be a widespread issue and this is the “ground zero” for it. Close the doors and shut the vents to avoid spreading the issues, too.
  • Get Rid Of Any Contaminated Property
    If your desks and cupboards have become “infected” by mold, you need to get them taken away and scrapped as soon as possible. Even the smallest patch of mold can cause health and long-term issues for your property, so you need to get rid of it as quickly as possible!
  • Listen To Your Employees
    Are your staff complaining of a musty smell or difficulty with breathing? Their complaints have to be taken seriously – as seriously as the mold problem you have. Your employees health matters, and if you’re not listening to them, there could be some serious legal issues coming back to bite you as a result.

Mold in the commercial property you work in is a big problem. If you’re not looking after your staff and yoru building, you’re not going to notice it creeping up on you. Handling the mold as quickly as you can will help to stop the problem from spreading, but are you ready to get rid of it? Start today! If you notice leaks or damp anywhere in the building, you need to get on top of it as soon as you can.

Cleaning During The Pandemic: What Is The New Normal In Cleaning Your Business Spaces?

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |Cleaning your Business|Cleaning During The Pandemic: What Is The New Normal In Cleaning Your Business Spaces?As much as we like to think that our offices are clean, many are not. Some are just so dirty that they can cause sickness and disease, which is dangerous as the novel coronavirus or COVID-19 is still rampant. So, how do business owners keep up with the new normal, given the safety and health protocols in place by the government?

Learn what’s the new normal in cleaning business spaces by reading below.

What Is The New Normal?

The new normal is not new to the human race anymore. With crises arising ever since humans existed, they’ve brought drastic changes to the overall routine, economy, lifestyle, and even culture and traditions worldwide.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the new normal means significant changes in how people communicate, work, and even clean business spaces. It involves implementing stricter safety and health protocols such as social distancing or maintaining at least a distance of six feet away from other people to avoid transmitting the virus.

Cleaning During The Pandemic

Now that you know the meaning of the new normal, it’s time to know the things you should know when cleaning your business spaces during the new normal.

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |Cleaning your Business|Cleaning During The Pandemic: What Is The New Normal In Cleaning Your Business Spaces?1.Wash Hands And Wear Gloves Before Cleaning

Many people don’t think about this, but there are plenty of germs and bacteria on their hands when they’re doing their work. When it comes to office & commercial cleaning, wearing gloves and face masks is now highly recommended. This is now the art of the new normal when cleaning business spaces.

When wearing safety gloves, it’s important to remember that they’re meant to protect the wearer against exposure to chemicals or toxins in the environment. Gloves should be worn while touching liquids in the same way as if they were on the part of the body. It’s important to make sure that you don’t accidentally inhale them because the liquid can get trapped in your mouth, which can cause serious illnesses.

2. Disinfect Your Business Spaces

Disinfecting is not all about putting chemicals onto surfaces. You need to understand that the more times you can remove germs from your office, the better off you’ll be because the more likely you are to prevent an outbreak.

To make sure that you and your employees are safe, learning how to disinfect offices is a good thing to do. If you want to try something else, there’s always the option of hiring a professional to disinfect your office.

Here are some disinfection tips you can try:

  • Disinfect the office using a steam cleaner: If you want to know how to disinfect offices, there are several different methods. One thing that you can try is a steam cleaner.
  • Use bleach: Another great method that’ll help you learn how to disinfect offices is through bleach, which is easy to use and affordable. Many people like bleach because it can kill any viruses that come into contact with it.
  • Use hydrogen peroxide and vinegar: There are other ways to learn how to disinfect offices. One of these is by using hydrogen peroxide and vinegar. These are both great because they’re both easy to use and inexpensive.

3. Keep Everything Clean and Sanitized

The key to effectively disinfect your office during this pandemic is to keep everything clean and remove different things that may cause germs to spread. For instance, if you have many surfaces in your office that are hard and flat, make sure that you wear gloves when you wipe them down.

Make sure that you sanitize things around the restroom and the kitchen counter, too. Again, don’t forget to sanitize your handkerchiefs and towels as well.

4. Maintain Social Distancing

Even during commercial cleaning, cleaners are advised to maintain social distancing. Because of the nature of the novel coronavirus, keeping a safe distance will help isolate the virus and prevent the disease to spread.

5. Frequent Scheduled Cleaning

As you probably noticed, cleaning is now more frequently done than ever, which is now an essential aspect of the new normal.

Every room, cubicle, corner, and space used in the business establishment must be disinfected before and after use. The government has mandated routine cleaning in compliance with the quarantine and health protocols.


Be sure that you change your office surfaces frequently and clean them thoroughly. Keep things clean and sanitized at all times as well. And, if you really can’t avoid germs, then it’s always a good idea to take steps to prevent them from spreading from your desktops, toilets, kitchen surfaces, and other places around your office.

Learning how to disinfect offices is a great thing to do because it’ll keep you and your employees safe from the outbreak.

How the Right Office Design Strategy Can Improve Productivity

StrategyDriven Managing Your People Article |Productivity|How the Right Office Design Strategy Can Improve ProductivityBusinesses don’t need hard workers. Someone who pushes themselves behind their limit and struggles to make it through each day on time and pulls overtime to reach deadlines is not someone you want on your team. Not because their dedication isn’t proven every day, but because they are not caring for their health. A productive employee is one that works better, faster, and often finds it far easier to get through a workday than someone who grinds through.

Their outlook is vastly different. Someone who works hard but doesn’t seem to actually get any more work done is someone on the verge of a breakdown. You are not always responsible for this downward spiral, but you can do a lot to help your employees avoid it.

There is an old saying that you should work smarter, not harder. The right office design can help employees be smarter about how they work, just by being the supportive element they need throughout their workday.

Natural Light Boosts Energy Levels

Our bodies wake up with the day. This is because we have evolved to respond to blue-white light. Our circadian rhythms are set in response to daylight hours, and yes, the blue-white light from the phone and other electronic screens messes with this rhythm. There is a reason why there is now a night mode on devices that warms the color of the screen after sunset.

In-office environments, you can use our relationship with this blue-white light to our advantage. Big windows and mirrors can bounce more light throughout the space, yes, but the right lights can also play a significant role. There are therapy lights you can install on every desk that will help your employees be healthier and more productive during the dark winter months.

Ergonomic Furniture Supports Spinal Health

Spinal health plays a huge role in productivity. A misaligned spine or a spine that has pinched a nerve can cause headaches and even restrict blood flow to the brain, and that’s on top of back and neck pain that is common with spinal conditions. Sitting at a desk all day can ruin a person’s back.
You can help and, in turn, improve your employee’s productivity just by investing in the best office furniture Aurora, IL, has to offer. New or used, the office furniture should be designed for skeletal health and support.

Art and Design Are Great for Productivity

Art does not detract from a day’s work. In fact, it is proven to improve productivity. Studies have shown that offices with art enjoy a productivity boost of 17% and that employees often work 15% faster.

To put this into a monetary perspective, if your payroll each year was $100,000, then the small bump in productivity would increase their value by $15,000. Art makes a space more inviting, builds on company culture, and is proven to boost the speed and productivity of your employees naturally.

The Right Break Room Supports Health

Ideally, every one of your employees will bring a healthy lunch to work with them. It will save them money, improve their cognitive function, and help support a healthy lifestyle. You can encourage this by making it easy for them to store and prepare their food during lunchtime.

Should You Conduct Routine Employee Drug Tests?

StrategyDriven Managing Your People Article |employee drug tests |Should You Conduct Routine Employee Drug Tests?Deciding whether or not to drug test your employees is often a big choice that employers have to make.

Employee drug tests have many pros and cons, and for some businesses, they may be essential. How do you know if drug testing in the workplace is for you?

We’re going to go over the pitfalls and benefits of employee drug testing so that you can make an informed decision for your business.
Keep reading to learn more.

Pro: Employee Health and Safety

A safe workplace is essential for any business. Drug use may impair your employees, making them dangers to themselves and others.
Industries that work with large machinery may want to drug test to avoid accidents.

Having healthy employees is also better for everyone. Employees who use drugs may need an extra incentive to get clean through the workplace.

Con: Employee Morale

No one particularly enjoys getting drug tested, and if you operate in a legal state (or a state that allowed marijuana), your employees may bristle at the idea of drug testing. This is especially true if it’s random.

Some potential employees may shy away from businesses that mention drug testing to start with regardless of their own use. They may see it as an invasion of privacy and look unfavorably at the employer.

Some employees also use medication that will flag on a test, and being unable to use that medication (marijuana or otherwise) will lower their morale.

Pro: Legal Liability

Having a drug-free workplace may reduce the legal liability of the employer.

If there is an accident in the workplace, the employer is legally responsible for it. Having employees go through drug screenings helps to remove one potential threat.

You protect yourself by testing your employees.

Con: Speed

The hiring process needs to be quick and efficient. By adding drug testing, you’re slowing down the process of getting a potential employee from the hiring stage to the working stage.

This may not be an issue for those who aren’t in a hurry, but it extends the time that you need and in the meantime, an employee may find another position elsewhere.

Mixed: Cost

Drug testing is costly for the employer. It may cost upwards of $30 per employee to get a comprehensive drug test (see this 10 panel drug screen guide for information). Many small businesses can not support this cost.

That said, it will reduce workers’ compensation costs if the employee who is hurt in an accident was using drugs at the time.
Overall, this is a complicated area when considering the pros and cons. The long-term costs may be reduced in the case of an accident, but the upfront cost is quite high.

Are Employee Drug Tests Right for You?

Using employee drug tests for your business might be the right choice depending on your unique situation.
Making the right choice for your company is important, and you should consider all possible factors before making your final decision.
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