Healthcare Industry: Top 3 Hard Skills for Your Resume

StrategyDriven Professional Development Article |Healthcare Industry|Healthcare Industry: Top 3 Hard Skills for Your ResumeAre you a healthcare professional applying for a job? If so, there are several skills you need to have in your resume to secure an interview and ultimately get your dream job. These skills include soft skills and hard skills. Employers in the healthcare industry value hard skills just like soft skills.

Hard skills are abilities that include doing specific tasks on the job. You can learn these while doing your professional studies, through vocational training, or even when employed. Hard skills are specific to processes and tasks like using tools, equipment, or software. Read on to learn more about the top 3 hard skills you need and examples of how to include them in your resume.

Marketing Skills

Marketing skills include making sales, advertising products or services, and consumer knowledge. You may need them as a healthcare professional to help boost sales and gain more patients for the organization.

Also, these skills are inclusive of technical and digital skills that you may need in providing online healthcare marketing services. Most organizations have moved from the traditional way of boosting their sales to modern platforms such as social media. Therefore, several marketing skills such as SEO, digital advertising, content creation, storytelling, and data-driven communication have become more relevant. Having these skills will be an added advantage to your resume.

To show your marketing expertise for your resume you can refer to this example:

  • Created 10+ SEO healthcare campaigns and grew organic traffic by 60% in 8 months.

Management Skills

You could be a nurse, a doctor, a physician, or any other healthcare professional applying for a job. You must have collective abilities that include decision-making, business planning, communication, delegation, etc. These skills will come in handy in your job description regardless of your specialization.

These abilities will help you lead your team and effortlessly take care of all your roles and responsibilities in your department. Do enough research on the best ways to prove management skills in your resume. Better still, refer to this example:

  • Boosted engagement for our healthcare programs by 60% through increased facetime with colleagues.

Note, your examples should refer to a specific managerial skill as in the example above that proves good communication.

Presentation Skills

You may have done a presentation about specific topics in your high school class, college, or to a panel of professionals in your previous job. It is not any different for a healthcare organization. You will need presentation skills to pass across information about issues or even products and services to your colleagues or consumers.

Presentation skills are abilities you have in graphic design, data analysis, preparing slideshows, reporting, visual communication, among many others. Moreover, having soft skills like confidence will come in handy in perfecting this skill.
You can prove how savvy you are in your presentation skills by referring to this example:

  • Assisted the resident doctor with preparing slideshows in PowerPoint for a presentation.


There are several other skills that you can add to your resume apart from management, marketing, and presentation skills. Analytical, technical, writing, computer, and design skills are also important. Do thorough research on the best way to prove your specific hard skills in your resume to secure that interview and the job in the healthcare organization.