Constructing an Office in a Desert: 4 points to look for

StrategyDriven Entrepreneurship Article |Constructing an office |Constructing an Office in a Desert: 4 points to look forDeserts are an unforgiving place for people who are not prepared for it. People often visit deserts for tourism purposes. They like having a glance at the never-ending patches of land with no signs of water around and the unbearable temperatures. Visiting a desert is all fun and games but working in a desert is a different ball game altogether. A desert isn’t hot all the time. It’s temperature skyrockets in the day and drops down drastically at night. It is basically chilly at night and hot in the daytime. For businesses that have night shifts, it can be a very challenging environment. Working in such conditions requires some extra effort and things that are not so common in a regular office. Let’s have a look at them.

Light-colored reflective paint

Heat in the daytime is almost unbearable in most deserts. An office in the desert means that the whole structure will be absorbing the heat in the day time which will be trapped inside the office. It will no doubt start heating like an oven within an hour. To avoid such heat entrapment, you could start by using reflective paint on the exterior walls and roof. A reflective paint which is usually of a light color helps reflect a lot of the heat rays from the sun. This simple trick helps bring down the temperature of the house by a lot of degrees.

Insulating Material

Insulation is the quality of a material that restricts the movement of heat through it. As discussed earlier, an office mostly heats up due to the sunlight which falls on it causing the heat to get trapped inside. By simply using insulating material to build the office or covering it with layers of insulating material, you can help tackle the heat problem effectively. Using mineral rock can be a very good idea in a desert. Structures that are built with mineral rock stay up to 30% cooler than those built with wood.

HVAC systems

Thankfully, we now have the gift of technology with us to fight extreme weather. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The experts at explain why HVAC is much more suited for an office in a desert than an AC. They explain that deserts don’t stay hot all throughout the day and the temperature drops very quickly when the sun falls. Soon you would be longing to bring back some of the heat. So instead of getting an AC and a heating unit separately, it would simply be a smart and economical move if you got an HVAC system installed to deal with both types of extreme temperatures.

Thermal Window Curtains

You would be surprised to know how much of the heat that gets the temperature boiling comes through the windows of an office. Getting a thermal curtain can solve a lot of your heat problem by letting a bare minimum amount of heat pass through. You would feel your workplace to be a few degrees cooler in a matter of minutes. Getting such curtains and blocking off the heat will also make the other 3 tips more effective.

Getting an office in a desert can be challenging but you can easily avoid any hurdles provided you have these tricks up your sleeve. Not taking such measures can result in a lot of discomforts faced by your employees which will ultimately reflect in a negative way in your business.