Practices for Professionals – Maintain Updated Electronic Calendars

How often have you tried to schedule a meeting during a time that was seemingly available to one or more participants only to have invitees decline the invitation or not show-up because of a previous commitment? All to often, professionals fail to maintain their calendars fully up-to-date such that these tools accurately represent their time commitments and availability.

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Is Email Taking Over Your Life? 7 ways to get your life back

During a recent film shoot in Tucson, Arizona for a new Internet project, I woke up at 4am unable to sleep. So as millions do when our sleep is interrupted, I got up and started wading through my cluttered email inbox.

Email consumes enormous amounts of time (some studies indicate that 40% of a typical employee’s day is spent sending and receiving email).

Yet we rarely think about strategies to use it more effectively. In addition, research shows that a significant amount of email is misinterpreted, leading to embarrassment and sometimes being fired. A few simple guidelines can keep you from wasting enormous time, and protect you from humiliation, frustration, and even legal issues. So try out these ideas and see if you can begin to gain some ground in the daily email war:

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Phil Cooke is a television producer and media consultant at Cooke Pictures in Burbank, California. His new book is ‘Jolt! Get the Jump on a World That’s Constantly Changing.‘. Find out more at