Are You Serious About Getting Your People Saying “Thank God It’s Monday” AND Growing with Profits Again?

It’s crippling. One out of every three payroll dollars is lost due to disengaged employees–and that makes it not fun or easy for managers and leaders who are held accountable to make a profit.

Just how many people are no longer having fun at their job and have instead become disinterested and passive workers? A startling 71 percent of people under the age of 30 plan on looking for a new job after the recession, and more than 60 percent of everyone else plans to do the same. Whoa!

Bad news for job lookers–it’s not better out there! In other words, you better figure out how to make it work where you are.

So enough already! This year has been too crazy and hard and, to add insult to injury, most businesses didn’t make any money. All work and no profits is NOT what you signed up for.

Let’s put the fun back in the workplace. Now I’m not talking about ice cream socials and clown noses. I’m talking about a results rule workplace where people know they rock. Now THAT is fun!

In fact, the research shows it’s not goofy things that make people happy. People are happiest at work when they are kicking butt and taking names–winning at what they do.

So clearly, this recession has made it not so very fun for many people.

What if you could find a system–a proven system that has taken hundreds of organizations from struggling to success and can replace the fun in the workplace that the recession took away?

What if this system created an environment so that people would “get to” come to work instead of “have to”? What if it worked for companies in the top five percent of their industry as well as those struggling? What if both could grow and profit and get their people moving in the right direction? And, what if you could meet your numbers using this system EVEN if the economy continues to stir up trouble?

Well you can… mark your calendar for October 6-7, 2009 to participate in the Lead The Transformation™ Seminar. To find out if this is right for you or to reserve space for your team call, 1-800-236-5885 or email [email protected].

When: October 6-7, 2009
Where: Minneapolis, MN
Who: Not just your executive team, but also your movers and shakers who get things accomplished, so you can go back to your organization and get major results happening now.

Find out how you can attend this event for FREE! … a $997 value! Click here to get the details now!

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  1. Binoop Kollam
    Binoop Kollam says:

    One of my friends are facing the problem due to disengaged employees, He is trying to solve it , I will refer your site to him. Nice…

  2. salmon
    salmon says:

    I want make my employees to say not only “Thank God It’s Monday” but also “another boring Sunday is finished”.Now I am thinking why I didn’t think about these matters before


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