Singapore’s Employment Pass – How Difficult It Is to Get One

StrategyDriven Tactical Execution Article |Work Visa|Singapore's Employment Pass - How Difficult It Is to Get OneAre you planning to work in Singapore? If so, you will need an employment pass that corresponds to your skills and qualifications or the job you are interested in. Although Singapore has tried to make it a straightforward process, some people still find it a hassle. So, it is good to know how difficult it is to get an employment pass.

The truth is that the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore does not approve all of the applications. So, it is up to you and your agent to make a compelling application. Usually, the credibility of the hiring company and the individual will play a significant role.

Important Things During the Application

The MOM will factor many things before they approve your application. They may look simple, but they have a considerable amount of weight in making your endeavors a success.
They primarily look at the following:

  • Work skills and experience.
  • Personal details: citizenship, age, education, and current salary.
  • Whether or not it is possible to get local manpower under the same category.
  • The reputation of the company that is willing to hire you.
  • Your criminal records.

There are many other details that must be filled out in the application form. A reputable migration agent like Visa Express Singapore should help you fill out the application form honestly. What they should do is ensure that you qualify to avoid disappointments when feedback is given. If all is well, there is no need to get worried as the MOM will make a fair consideration.

Things That Will Make Your Application Get Rejected

There are many things that can make the application get rejected. Some may not be within your control. If the MOM has already processed enough EP passes, they might reject any other applications that are put on their table. This is a regulation that allows the locals to get a fair share of the jobs in Singapore. However, opening for foreigners are almost always there since more businesses and companies keep on opening. Also, there is a need for more labor that must be sourced from abroad.

Making an application without the right qualifications may lead to the rejection of the application. If the agent is proactive, they should help you to downgrade to the S pass if that is what you are eligible for. The good news is that you can grow your career by going back to school in Singapore and later upgrading to the EP.

How Agents Help in the Success of EP

From the beginning, it is highly recommended to use agents with enough experience in dealing with work visas in Singapore. You can easily find one online if you check well. Their job is to assess the possibility of succeeding in this application. It is crucial that they go through the form before they submit it on your behalf. They also check whether or not all of the supportive documents are attached before sending it.

If there is a rejection, they will go through it to ascertain what the problem was. In some cases, they can lodge a complaint with the MOM, especially if they feel that you should have qualified.

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