10 Ways to Improve Click Through Rates

So much time is spent on trying to get more traffic and all of that can be pointless if the user experience is poor once they reach your site. You have a split second to give users a sense of who you are. When a user comes to your site, the enemy is ‘Frustration’ so think about the blockers, think about the experience, and think about implementing these 10 simple but effective conversion techniques.[wcm_restrict]

  1. Include a phone number in your meta description
  2. Make sure the title tag on your page is relevant to what they’re searching for.
  3. Include a call to action in your Meta Description
  4. Include your unique selling proposition in your Meta Description
  5. Focus on keywords that have the strongest Commercial Intent (OCI) – the OCI score can be found using the Market Samurai tool.
  6. Keep your title tag 64 Characters in length
  7. Keep you Meta Description no more than 160 characters
  8. If possible try to use the word ‘free’ and ‘you’ and ‘your’ in your Meta Description.
  9. If possible include the keywords your trying to rank for in your url
  10. Most searches happen at the local level – so mention the location of your business or service.


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About the Authors

Jason Hennessey is an internationally-known Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert. Over the past seven years, Jason has been a vigorous student/practitioner of search marketing – dissecting, testing, debunking, and reverse engineering the major search algorithms.

As the director of SEO at Everspark, Hennessey oversees search marketing campaigns for high profile celebrities, lawyers, politicians and Fortune 500 companies. Within the industry he is known as ‘The Secret Weapon‘ people call on when they want to rank for extremely competitive terms in short periods of time. Jason played an instrumental role in turning Everspark Interactive into a $1.2 million agency in only three months.

Chris Watson is a 20-year marketing veteran, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the magazine publishing industry. Over the span of his career, Chris has won numerous industry awards for his work with the InfoLink stable of publications in Australia.

In January 2010, he partnered with three colleagues to create a full-service SEO agency called Everspark Interactive. With Chris’s extensive background and creative vision, he has helped grow Everspark Interactive into a $1.2 million company in just three months; making it one of Atlanta’s fastest growing new companies.

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