10 Ways to Get More Video Views

YouTube is the worlds second largest search engine and Google owns YouTube; so ignore video in your online marketing mix at your own peril. Google reports an 80 percent click rate on videos that appear in the search results. Video is here to stay so get into the game by adhering to these 10 tips.[wcm_restrict]

  1. Configure Your YouTube Channel for Optimal SEO – The 2nd biggest search engine on the internet deserves special attention when it comes to SEO. Use your keywords in your title, description and tags.
  2. Syndicate Each of Your Videos – Don’t just put the video on your site and on YouTube, get it on as many video platforms as possible – such as Revver, Tube Mogul and Daily Motion.
  3. Use Video to Educate – There is a concept in Internet Marketing called ‘extending the free line’ – if you want more views then stop thinking sell and start thinking ‘educate’.
  4. Keep It Brief – Unless your video is objectively fascinating, viewers are increasingly likely to tune out if you don’t respect their time – shoot for 5 to 10 mins per video.
  5. Call to Action – Think of each video as it’s own marketing / pr / advertising campaign. What do you want your viewer to do? Are you asking them to do it?
  6. People Like People – Every time we look at a picture with people in it, we pay far more attention. Of course it depends on your subject matter, but try to include humans, don’t overkill it, no one wants to watch a talking head for 5 minutes – just consider in the edit ‘did I include enough human in my video?’
  7. Story Tell – In your 5 to 10 minute video – try to tell a story by hitting these marks. 1. Why your doing what your doing? 2. How your doing what your doing? 3. What your doing with what your doing? 4. What’s been happening because of what you’ve been doing? 5. What you can do for them?
  8. Include Your Video in a PRWeb Press Release – spend the extra cash and embed a video in a press release, if a media outlet is going to run the printed word, many of them will also carry the video.
  9. Keep an Eye on Trends – By watching Google trends and setting your Google Alerts for specific topics, you can be first to market with a video that satisfies a real and current demand.
  10. Do It Right – Whilst there is merit in ‘just doing it’ – if your going to take video seriously and make it part of your ongoing marketing mix, either get good at it by becoming a student of online video – or – hire someone who does it for a living.


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About the Authors

Jason Hennessey is an internationally-known Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert. Over the past seven years, Jason has been a vigorous student/practitioner of search marketing – dissecting, testing, debunking, and reverse engineering the major search algorithms.

As the director of SEO at Everspark, Hennessey oversees search marketing campaigns for high profile celebrities, lawyers, politicians and Fortune 500 companies. Within the industry he is known as ‘The Secret Weapon‘ people call on when they want to rank for extremely competitive terms in short periods of time. Jason played an instrumental role in turning Everspark Interactive into a $1.2 million agency in only three months.

Chris Watson is a 20-year marketing veteran, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the magazine publishing industry. Over the span of his career, Chris has won numerous industry awards for his work with the InfoLink stable of publications in Australia.

In January 2010, he partnered with three colleagues to create a full-service SEO agency called Everspark Interactive. With Chris’s extensive background and creative vision, he has helped grow Everspark Interactive into a $1.2 million company in just three months; making it one of Atlanta’s fastest growing new companies.

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