Keeping Sales Moving Forward

Selling can be a tough profession. Keeping sales moving forward can feel like you’re slogging through mud.

Even though every living human being is selling himself or herself every day that they interact with others, you have chosen to sell in order to house and feed yourself and your loved ones. You face rejection on a daily basis, and the level of success you achieve is really all about the no’s.

You may very well hear something like this on an average day:

“Well, Jim, that new equipment you showed me sure is nice, but unfortunately I’m just going to have to say, ‘no.’”

“We appreciate all the information you’ve shared with us, Mary, but we’re not going to do this right now.”

How you respond when you hear things like that is what makes the difference between eating peanut butter sandwiches at home and being served your meal at a nice restaurant.

So, how do you respond when you hear the word “no?” Does your gut react by wrenching a bit? Do your shoulders sink in defeat? Does it show in your eyes that you’ve given up and are mentally moving on? If so, you’re probably only earning an average income, if that.

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About the Authors

Tom Hopkins is the founder and president of the renowned sales training service Tom Hopkins International. He is a member of the National Speakers Bureau and is the author of the national bestseller How to Master the Art of Selling. Today, more than 35,000 corporations and millions of professional salespeople throughout the world utilize his professional sales training materials.

Ben Katt is a multi-million dollar producer in corporate sales, and has a long track record when it comes to ‘sealing the deal.’ He has been instrumental in turning around several top companies and their sales records.

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