Goal-Setting, Planning, and Testing: The Importance of Managing Your Lead-Generation Strategy

Learning how to use lead-generation marketing to your advantage requires planning and forethought. You need to think through your management strategy before beginning efforts to improve lead generation in your company. By setting goals, creating a plan to adopt new tactics, and testing the results, you can measure how the company’s investment of budget and time helps increase the number of leads and sales.

Developing a Strategy and Setting Goals

Developing a good lead-generation strategy begins with setting goals on what you hope to achieve. Your goals should define how much you wish to increase your lead-generation efforts, by when, and at what cost. It’s amazing to me how many organizations plunge into campaigns with no idea of what they’re shooting for, how many leads they’re trying to bring in, or what level of cost-effectiveness they need to observe. When their campaign is over, they have no idea how well specific tactics are working to provide them with the leads they need or if they’ve provided a positive ROMI (Return On Marketing Investment). Often, they’ve gone over budget or executed a campaign that has provided them with a minimal number of actionable leads.

Overall, the goal for lead-generation marketing should be to use as many tactics as possible to your advantage. In defining a management strategy, you should focus your goals on three areas:

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About the Author

David T. Scott has served as CMO and Director of Marketing for Fortune 500 companies and billion-dollar organizations, including GE, AT & T Wireless, PeopleSoft, and Intermec. While working at these companies, he developed a set of strategies designed to help marketing organizations increase their lead-generation results. A graduate of the Wharton School of Business, Scott is the founder and former CEO of Marketfish, Inc.

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