Back to Basics: Interviewing for Your Next Sales Position

Throughout a sales career, it’s all about the small things. When to push and when to step back and wait. Following up on time, every time. Being consistent and being reliable. All basic stuff – and that’s the problem. It’s all too easy to forget the basic stuff – in the bustle and complexity of the day-to-day.

So when it comes to applying for a position in sales, or moving up the ladder it is more important than ever to get the basics right – especially when it comes to interview time.

Some of the tips here may seem very obvious, but ignore them at your peril. As in any career, getting the basics right, first time and every time, is crucial to land that new dream job.

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About the Author
Stephen AtkinsonStephen Atkinson is the author of Get a Job in Sales: Your Fast Track to Career Success and Simple Steps to Sales Success: Selling – The Easy Way. Both books offer straight-talking advice on how to get into a sales career and how to be successful once you get there. He is also a sales consultant, owns several diverse businesses, and teaches on the world’s leading online learning platform Udemy.

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