Why You Shouldn’t Dismiss a Career in Sales

Whether you are looking for a career change, or just starting out, the very thought of a career in sales might bring you out in a cold sweat; long hours, high targets and difficult customers might spring to mind. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth. If you are looking to get your foot on a solid, long term career ladder that offers a wealth of benefits, then sales is the ideal career choice for you. Not only will a career in sales enable you to work across the globe, but it will help you develop a whole range of personal skills that are easily transferable, such as time management and budgeting.

Commission is one of the obvious benefits from working in sales. However, it is worth checking how any potential employer distributes this across their workforce. Large department stores and luxury retail outlets may split profits across the team, or establish goals that you and your colleagues need to reach. Car dealerships like Eastern Mini often reward each and every team member individually – depending on their goals for the quarter.  So if you are looking to bring home a large pay check every month, then be prepared to research into which alternative suits you best.

Learning on the job

One of the positives about a career in sales is that you learn on the job. Whether you are tasked with cold calling a range of potential clients, or have to deal with a difficult customer on the shop floor, you are continuously learning new skills. If you want to work in sales, you don’t only need to have dedication and a thick skin, but you will need to be prepared to be adaptable and flexible to meet with both business and customer requirements. Anyone in sales will tell you that you will start your career at the bottom, but this isn’t necessarily a negative. Unlike other career paths, if you are a quick learner and efficient on the job, then you can expect to rise rapidly through the ranks, meaning that you go on to lead your own team or department in no time at all.

Additional expectations

Each and every job has several additional demands, and a career in sales is no exception to this. From having to work long hours or at the weekends, to even working during holiday time will be expected of you from day one. Turning up to work in a negative mood or with a poor attitude is also unacceptable. Remember that you are your company’s first point of interaction with any customers. You will need to make sure that you invest in your appearance too – so keep aside some of your paycheck to get a manicure or a haircut. It’s worth investing in yourself from day one if you truly want to reap the benefits in the long term.

A career in sales isn’t for everyone. If you are sensitive and highly emotional then this definitely isn’t the job for you. However, if you have a keen business mind and are prepared to work then a career in sales will provide numerous benefits.

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