Why You Should Invest in Tech Stocks

We are currently surrounded by big technology stocks such as Amazon, Alphabet Inc, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple; with some of these stocks crossing the $1,000 per share mark, they can be (and very much are) an attractive investment opportunity. Given that technology is currently shaping our world and everything in it, big technology stocks are only going to increase in price and become more valuable as time goes by, meaning they have the potential to make those who invest in them very rich indeed. Although some of the major technology stocks have climbed to astronomical levels, their current values are only just the beginning.

In the broadest sense, this category of “tech stocks” includes any stocks which are involved in the research, development and distribution of technological goods, services and solutions. So, they include companies which produce everything from computer software and hardware, televisions and even mobile games such as Angry Birds. In 2017, technology stocks offered investors the highest return on investment at an average of 34.28%… not too shabby!

#1: High Returns Does Not Mean Low Risk

Just because there have been strong returns, this does not mean that there are zero risks involved. As we are well aware, technology can change at a rapid pace, often overnight, and companies which are currently leading the way can soon fall behind as new and innovative companies come along and take the top spot. In some cases, technology companies can be forced out of business by new entrants to the market. Although this is unlikely to happen with market leaders such as Amazon, it is not impossible, and this is something which should always be kept in mind.

In addition, investing in emerging companies may appear like an attractive investment opportunity, however, it is not unheard of for companies which were expected to perform well disappear overnight into the abyss. The best stock research tools give you the most information in the most intuitive way. Many of these tools are free, and any investor can use them.

Although technology is a very exciting investment space that includes everything from smartphones to blockchain, artificial intelligence to streaming services and more, there are inherent risks which you expose yourself to by ploughing your money into technology companies.

#2: Areas for Investment

As mentioned, technology investments are very varied and include a range of companies and products. Once upon a time, tech stocks would have been almost exclusive to computer hardware and software. These days, however, it includes all sorts. In fact, it is hardly accurate to call most tech companies which operate in the market computer companies (think Apple, IBM and Microsoft) because they operate in several other areas such as:

  • Artificial Intelligence where computers perform tasks which once would have only been possible by human beings. AI is one of the fastest growing and most prominent areas for investment, however, this technology still has a long way to go and it is far from perfect.
  • Smartphones, the industry of which is led by Apple and Samsung. There are a lot of other players within the smartphone market producing everything from software, mobile apps and physical mobile devices.
  • Blockchain, something which has gained a lot of publicity in the last couple of years. It is the technology which backs up Bitcoin and other industry-leading cryptocurrencies, however, it has applications to far more than just cryptocurrency.

These three areas demonstrate that the tech space is dominated by far more than just computers, and that there are several investment opportunities available to those who want to get involved. Given that there are so many possibilities, it can be difficult for new investors to get involved in the market.

#3: 4 Tech Stocks Worth Looking At

Although the market is huge and there are infinite investment possibilities, there are four major contenders which are worth looking at.

1. Apple

Apple is by far the world’s favorite consumer tech company, leading the way with their range of smartphone and laptop computer devices. Apple’s stocks usually rest around the couple-of-hundred dollars mark and given the insatiable appetite of consumers for Apple’s products then it is a stock which isn’t going to be decreasing in value soon.

2. Alphabet Inc. (Google)

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, is also a very attractive investment opportunity. Google leads the way on the internet by providing several services which we all know and love such as Googlemail and YouTube. The main problem with investing in Alphabet is the fact that their shares sit at around the $1,100 mark. If you can afford it, though, it is worth going for, because this company is going to continue to grow as it focuses on new ventures.

3. Facebook

Facebook is a money-making machine and whilst the recent data scandal has harmed the social networking giant, it is not going to be shutting up shop any time soon and at around the $200-mark, Facebook’s stock is incredibly cheap. It is likely that we will see Facebook continue to grow strongly over time at a rapid pace.

4. Amazon

Amazon is an unstoppable company which is beginning to encroach on our lives in entirely new ways. From Amazon Key and drone delivery to AI solutions such as Amazon Alexa, the company is really pushing boundaries with its innovative technologies and desire to satisfy consumer demand at all levels. Amazon’s shares usually rest around the $1,900 mark which, again, whilst pricing some people out, it is worth spending your money on should you have enough to do it. Amazon’s share price exceeding the $3,000 mark is far from being a far-fetched idea; it is more a question of when this will happen.

Today, tech stocks represent the most valuable of all investments, second perhaps only to gold and other timeless precious metals. As the world begins to demand more and more from technology and new developments occur, having a stake in some of the world’s foremost technology companies is likely to provide a sizeable return on investment in the future, especially if you buy into them now whilst their shares are still relatively low compared to what they could be.

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