4 Simple Ideas To Market Your Restaurant Business

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales Article |Restaurant Business|4 Simple Ideas To Market Your Restaurant BusinessMarketing continues to be of primary concern for restaurateurs. In an increasingly crowded marketplace, drawing in the consumer is more important than ever before. Restaurants continue to be a favourite pastime when it comes to socializing with family and friends. There’s a huge scope to increase your profits if your marketing is done just right. If you’re looking for some simple and effective ideas to market your restaurant, you’ll want to take a look right here.

Video marketing

The modern consumer often prefers to view content as opposed to reading it. According to statistics via Insivia, viewers only retain 10% of a message from reading and a huge 95% when watching a video. These days it’s simple to create your own video marketing content. You can use sites like YouTube to upload content, share on socials or embed in your website. Consumers love behind the scenes footage and getting to know the faces behind a brand. Food content can be really fun with how-to videos or recipe tips. Video content gets shared online more than any other type; so it’s a surefire way to improve your marketing and get noticed.

Loyalty Programs

If your restaurant doesn’t already have a loyalty program, it’s a great idea to create one. Offering your customers rewards for returning is an excellent way to strengthen your customer base. To save the paper, consider digital loyalty cards offered via apps. Consumers have come to prefer accessing their services digitally. If your restaurant provides an easy to use app and loyalty card, you could be gaining an edge over your competitors. You can use your email marketing to provide friendly reminders to encourage the use loyalty programmes.

Use influencers

Influencer marketing has surged in the last few years, and the restaurant industry can easily tap into the benefits. Hubspot reports that as many as 82% of consumers are likely to follow an influencer recommendation. The concept of influencer marketing is all about trust. Often, people tend to trust other individuals over brands. Micro-influencers have smaller but very active followings of people who trust them. They tend to theme their content in a specific niche. You’ll need to find the right influencers with food-related content and get them on board with your campaign. From here, you’ll gain lots of new business. Ensure that you also have a great blog with strong SEO. When people are searching to, ‘find the Best Restaurants near me,’ for example, great SEO could lead them right to your website.

Special events

Marketing is often about standing out from the crowd and offering something special. As a restaurant, you could collaborate with some local musicians and offer some live music nights. Giving something a little extra can work wonders for drawing in new crowds. If you can theme the music with the kind of food that you offer- all the better! Creativity is the foundation of all the best marketing strategies. Always think back to your branding when you are designing your special nights, offers and creative web content. Succeeding in the restaurant industry relies much upon stand-out marketing.

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