The Incredibly Interesting Paths Skills Can Take You On

StrategyDriven Professional Development Article |Skills |The Incredibly Interesting Paths Skills Can Take You OnIf you’re confused and not at all sure about what you want to be in life, don’t worry. Many millions of people are all in the same boat. This isn’t to say you should take solace in the fact that there are other people who are waiting to find their true calling. But, it is to illuminate the fact that this is normal. Many people haven’t had parents that show them various skills and opportunities of where those skills can take you. You’re not the only one to be in a stage of your life where you are at a crossroads with no sign telling what lies at the end of each path. Perhaps you could narrow down your choices if you had someone explain where different skills can take you. That’s what’s missing so often in our lives, a direction that shows us what will be along the way and at the end of it.

Not all degrees are linear

Sooner or later, you will realize that the world of work is nothing as you were taught it would be like. There are professions that education can’t always prepare you for and there are jobs that only trained individuals can do. Therefore, even if you have a degree, you will still need to unlearn some things and learn new things while on the job. So firstly, you need to accept that not all degrees are linear in their professional pathways. Having a history degree doesn’t mean you will become some kind of museum clerk. In fact, you’ll find that many politicians have history degrees and they are often the type that will be able to form better policies. Philosophy degrees are excellent for a multitude of professions because they encompass pretty much every aspect of our lives. Better yet, it’s the philosophy graduates that are the most likely to pass a law bar test. Even degrees like Art won’t always mean you end up in a gallery or as an art critic, writer. Many people with Art degrees become graphic designers, work in marketing and also work in architecture. The key is to see the potential your degree has for you to work in fields that you perhaps didn’t think were linked.

Specialists, general and industrial

You can be a designer of cars but working in a car factory is one thing and working for a professional racing team is another. This is what you can determine as industrial versus specialist. Brilliant car designers have worked their way up through automobile companies. From the production line all the way to the boardroom, many engineers and designers have made their name just by getting promoted to the top. However, there are specialists that will almost immediately be hired into key areas of a business or industry, so they can use their incredible skills further the most advanced and complex products and services.

Case in point, electricians may work in general homes and fix problems for homeowners. However, electrical engineers will work on the national grid. They will utilize their amazing skills to work in the most complex areas of the industry. This is why if you want to become an electrical engineer you should follow the guide that goes at length to explain what you will need to do. Step by step, you’ll be given a detailed strategy guide on what kinds of skills and qualifications you will first need to attain. You must be ready and willing to problem-solve, think of creative solutions and concentrate on difficult tasks for hours on end.

A fast track path

Some companies that need skilled workers will always have their own programs. Apprenticeships are on the rise because there simply aren’t enough people that are taking vocational courses. Many young people head off to university which is primarily focussed on academia. Thus, if you would like to learn new skills in order to gain a foothold in a particular industry you’re interested in, it’s best to find an apprenticeship that you would like to join. Equally as important, internships with businesses will give you a fast track to the profession you would like to have. It’s important to note that the structure will be very similar as you receive on the job training. You’ll be using the latest tools and software to become a highly skilled worker that the company will eventually hire.

There are plenty of roads that lead to a career that would suit you best. Many people don’t know what they want to do but starting on the path to finding out is in itself a challenge you must accept.

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