How Food Marketing Will Change Post-Pandemic

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales Article |Food Marketing|How Food Marketing Will Change Post-PandemicFor every business owner, the challenge post-pandemic will be to reinvent themselves. Their brand must take on a new image as well as display the charms of the previous generation. It’s quite amazing when you think about it, that a pandemic has changed the way we see business and products as customers and clients. To this end, we must rediscover our passion for marketing, as business owners. The key to this is to realize that the world supply chains that we got used to, may need to change. That in turn, must incorporate green technology and sustainable design. Thankfully, there is no shortage of options for you to select a new design, theme, color scheme and narrative for your products.

Older customers

Older customers will be much more health-conscious than ever before. The majority of the casualties that were taken by covid-19 were indeed the elderly generation. The changes are very interesting. For one thing, it’s not just about more positive colors, but actually, ‘enjoyment’. This has been taken from the fashion industry, which often depicts the models in the adverts, as enjoying life. Since the aging population will live to 90 or more in the near future, we need to think about how we as business owners can display a joyful life at this age. It requires us to do a few things.

If our product is targeted to older people, such as older people using our product and smiling. Big white pearly teeth are a good sign of health and happiness, something that will be attractive to people who don’t live by the norms that older generations of elderly people conformed to.

Make sure that the colors are bright but not too bright. The reason they should be bright is to compensate for poor eyesight. The brightest product on the shelves will always garner more attention. However, if it’s too bright it can also signify danger, i.e. red mushrooms in the wild. So, color choice is just as important as color scheme.
Grandchildren should also be used in the video ads that you produce. This is something that is normal in our everyday lives, but something that doesn’t get taken advantage of in our marketing campaigns.

Packaging has to be simple

Green businesses are going to leap forward in the eyes of the customer this decade. Nobody has any patience anymore, to buy products from companies that do not make an effort to be sustainable. The cultural shift is so strong, that many CEOs feel like they are playing catch-up. One way you can market your food better, is to show how your packaging has shifted dramatically. If you sell snack food, then consider ditching the box and the plastic wrap, and just for good food grade tube packaging. The tube can be sealed and the inside can be covered in a protective paper that has been sterilized. This means that your food is going to be protected, you can get a lot of your product into the internal space, and it will be safe. Tubes are also very strong so there is less likely chance for external penetration and thus, contamination.

The good things

The best things about any food product is the lasting benefits it will give you. So you should be targeting the vitamins and minerals that are present in your product when it comes to this line of marketing. Customers want to know, what kinds of vitamins they will be eating and thus, what kinds of things will happen to them personally. For example, vitamin D is well known to help with our immune system growing stronger. Vitamin E is known to make our skin smoother and stronger as well. Vitamin C helps our bones to be tougher, etc. All of this is something that must be repeated over and over and over! Take a look at Yakult, the Japanese yogurt drink company. They have never ever stopped talking about the digestive rebalance their product gives and thus, they have stayed at the forefront of our minds when we consider a healthy drink option.

The food marketing industry is going to revamp its course of action. Rather than trying to be too viral, they will want to brand products in a healthy, long-life and sustainable prism. Customers will be impressed that a food company is doing it’s share to make the world a better place. So invest in green production strategies so you can boast about your decreasing carbon footprint in your ads.

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