How to convert prospects as quickly as possible?

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales Article |Convert Prospects Quickly|How to convert prospects as quickly as possible?To succeed in your marketing strategy, it is not enough to generate leads. It is just as important to convert them into customers. This conversion is the main concern of marketing teams. After all, customers are the very reason for the existence of companies. It is a well-known fact that time is money. Converting prospects into customers as quickly as possible is therefore necessary. So how can you save precious time in your approach?

Study your targets and their buying patterns

Any marketing strategy includes the notions of buyer persona and buying journey. You must therefore define your ideal customers in order to ensure the success of your marketing and sales actions.

Indeed, you need to have a broad vision of the objectives, problems and habits of your personas. Thanks to this, you can personalise your pitch according to the type of prospect you meet. You can then give them more value and adapt to their preferences. You will have all the chances on your side to transform them into customers more easily.

Set up a lead scoring system

Leads are one of the reasons for the existence of companies. Every company has prospects, although not always in sufficient quantity. Not all prospects are necessarily the same. Some are only occasionally interested in your company, while others are directly looking to buy.

Lead scoring is used to directly assign a value to your prospects. Here, the CRM in combination with a marketing automation platform plays an important role in your strategy. You can score your prospects according to various criteria. In this case, you can rate them based on the business data they have submitted to you. You can also consider how they have engaged with your brand or company on the web. In particular, this helps sales teams to focus on potential customers and respond to them in a suitable manner. This is done with the aim of increasing the speed at which leads are converted into customers.

Lead scoring has become very popular in recent times. However, this strategy can become quite complex if you skip steps. To avoid this, start by adopting a simple and effective system. You can set up the different phases of your lead life cycle. This is already a first step in your lead scoring process.

Don’t keep your prospects waiting

According to research by Inside Sales, a prospect contacted within five minutes is nine times more likely to convert. In addition, an analysis by HubSpot shows that 2/3 of buyers expect a response within ten minutes of a request. The longer you delay, the lower the prospect’s interest level. Moreover, if you don’t act quickly, your prospect may go to your competitors. To turn your prospects into customers quickly, don’t wait and be reactive. Also show your availability and your ability to listen.

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Create successful emails

The majority of your leads come from your automated emails. You must therefore ensure that you write relevant and effective emails. Therefore, write emails with impeccable spelling that are easy to read and understand. To learn more you can read this article: A successful Cold Emailing campaign to beat the competition. Also, use alternative reading visuals and images. Keep in mind that your emails should be simple and professional. Nevertheless, they should provide additional information to hold the prospect’s attention.

Use a good lead generation tool

Kaspr is a lead generation tool. It offers the possibility to get the contact details of your prospects from their LinkedIn profiles. This tool takes care of finding the contact details of your prospects in real time via the Internet. The main advantage of this tool is that it works in a matter of seconds.

After registering on Kaspr, you only need to download the Google Chrome extension. With this extension, you can integrate the Kaspr widget into your LinkedIn pages. It will then be possible to display the contact details of the contacts directly from their profiles.

The final process to be adopted is therefore to :

  • identify your target prospects;
  • send LinkedIn invitations;
  • if the prospect accepts, send a welcome message;
  • If the prospect does not respond, retrieve the contact information with Kaspr to send an email or call him.

This entirely French tool has been proving itself for several months. Kaspr has a reactive team at your disposal to meet your requirements. So don’t hesitate to come to them if you want to ask for a demo or if you have any questions about the platform.


To save time in your lead-to-customer strategy, you must first ensure that you build a solid database. Then, don’t hesitate to follow up as soon as possible to avoid losing your prospect. Finally, use the right tools to ensure success.

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