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Congratulations Jamie Cardenas, Lee’s Make History Winner

“The look in her eyes suggests a sense of urgency and of sadness.” Jamie Cardenas Lead Photographer StrategyDriven and Lee’s Make History Winner for American Girl The StrategyDriven family congratulates our lead photographer, Jamie Cardenas, for being selected for the first edition of Lee’s Make History photo book publication. Of the 16,109 photo submissions from […]

The Advisor’s Corner – If I Don’t Measure, Can I Manage?

Question: There are several axioms regarding measurement such as: What gets measured gets done. What gets measured and rewarded gets done well. If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. What gets measured gets managed. Is it really true that if something is not measured it is not being managed? Not everything can be measured simply […]

Learn How to Achieve Enterprise Excellence at an Executive One-Day Seminar with Forrest Breyfogle

Competitive pressures are forcing executives to react faster to changing business conditions and customer requirements. Line managers and decision-makers need to have an efficient and effective system for day-to-day business operation with access to performance metrics that lead to the most appropriate activities. In July 2008, we were privileged to host Forrest Breyfogle, Founder and […]

Business Communications Best Practice 1 – Communicate 7 Times, 7 Different Ways

All too often vital communications go unheard, creating workforce discontent, reducing organizational effectiveness, and alienating clients. Why with today’s advanced communication mechanisms do so many messages go unnoticed? One answer is that people are so overwhelmed with modern society’s messaging that they sometimes don’t recognize the importance of a single announcement; filtering it out as noise. Another reason is that not all people meaningfully receive information in the same way and some important messages are only sent through channels not likely to be received. To overcome both these challenges, managers should consider communicating important messages seven times using seven different media.